Uses, Advantages & Disadvantages of Internet | Essays & Paragraphs

The internet is an essential part of our lives. Along with its many advantages in our life, the internet has a few disadvantages as well.

The following essay discusses the role, importance, advantages and disadvantages of Internet in our life with quotes, points and images.

Essay On Internet | Advantages & Disadvantages of Internet in Points/Lines For Children & Students

Internet is the most important component of today’s world, it has made whole world a global village and has changed our lifestyle entirely.

Nowadays the most effective medium of communication is internet. It is a fact that each coin has two sides.

Likewise the internet has both advantages and disadvantages. Along with the merits and excessive beneficial usage it carries demerits and some adverse effects on our lives.

Advantages of Internet

There are many advantages of internet, it has made our lives comfortable. Some of its advantages are enlisted as under,

1. Internet has mad our connectivity faster and stronger than the old ages.

2. It benefits us to have communication throughout the world in seconds.

3. The internet is helpful for career counseling.

4. It provides us online distance based education effectively.

5. Internet helps in research based works, we can collect ideas and facts using different sites and directly from a person who is out of reach.

6. The globalization has brought people closer to one another.

7. It helps in promoting culture.

8. Internet helps to have travels and tours throughout the world.

9. We are connected with all parts of the world. It has decreased the distances and helps to have fast accessibility.

10. Internet helps in online banking, E commerce and industrial growth.

11. It provides job facilities and help young generation to find jobs in different sectors of the world.

12. The fast internet connectivity facilitates health industry, it also leads to have affordable health care, and treatment of several fatal diseases.

13. It has enhanced social media, it spreads the power of public opinions to improve governance.

14. Internet helps to provide justice to the oppressed through social media.

15. Accountability of the leaders and officers is improved with the arrival of social media.

16. People freely raise voice against the oppressor to provide justice and to eliminate the injustice and tyranny and oppression.

17. The propagation of equality, justice and humanity helps to improve our society.

18. The users of social media are united to stop the violation of human rights, in has created unity among masses.

19. Internet benefits students a lot, students sitting at their homes easily have group study using net.

20. It has enhanced and improved Monitoring and Evolution for better educational standards.

21. Internet helps spreading awareness among people to help control the issues that world is facing.

22. The artificial intelligence has benefited humans exceedingly.

23. As there were communication barriers but internet provides audio and video communication to connect the hearts and minds.

24. This technology helps improve the trade and industry of all poor countries.It helps to create law and order in the country, it helps law enforcement agencies to implement laws and to control violation of law.

advantages of internet

Disadvantages of Internet

1. It has adversely affected the psyche and mental capabilities of humans. The youth ignores society and is highly interested in the virtual world of internet. Thus a social isolation is increasing.

2. The internet addiction has destroyed social values and respect of elders.

3. It has destroyed our health because we need to have contact with the nature to have good health but unfortunately we are confined to beds and homes only due to internet. It has made us suffer stress and several diseases and we find no mental peace.

4. The young generation is indulging in online gaming zone. They waste their precious time in playing dangerous games.

5. Arrival of internet has given new forms of crimes, like Cyber bullying and frauds. The misuse of Internet hits our society to paralyze.

6. Internet has increased the rate of E commerce and frauds in business sectors. With the increase in technology specially internet the world is facing a serous issue of online harassment of women.

7. We are global connected, the artificial intelligence and different services of internet has made our privacy very hard to protect. Our privacy is no more with us, our every move is tracked and we are publicly open.

8. Internet has brought rampant loss of moral values, our new generation is morally corrupted due to internet.

9. It has snatched our peace of mind, comfort and has increased uncertainty.

10. Internet is a big threat to cultures, all small cultures are vanishing in the force of dominant cultures.

11. The rate of inferiority complex is increasing due to internet because it portrays things beyond reality.

12. It has also increased the generation gap.

13. The studies of students are affected due to social media and online gaming.

14. Pornography is on the rise, it effects on our physical and mental health.

15. Nations stand vulnerable, because internet has made it difficult to safeguard national security and sovereignty.

16. Terrorism is increasing due to internet because terrorists plan their attacks using internet.

17. On the whole internet is a blessing in disguise and has made our lives comfortable. It is a powerful medium of progress and prosperity.

Short Essay on Internet For Students

The Internet is one of the most highly advanced invention of technology. It is  the most used thing in this modern period. It is defined as the global network of computers, mobiles and laptops which provide information and provide best communication platform.

It has made whole world a global village and has connected people from far and wide. There are no distances now. It has conquered time and has proved as the fastest means of communication throughout the world.

The works that used to take place in months and years are done in days and the works that were done in days and weeks are done in minutes and seconds. The Internet is somewhat environment friendly because it has saved paper, The much of the work is saved in soft copy format.

The internet has not only made our communication faster and easier. It is used for several purposes like you can use it to learn, share, write and explore.

It offers variety of uses. It depends upon the user how do they use it. Mainly it has improved our communication.  Regardless of where you are, you can chat, mail and talk to your lived ones using internet.

The vast usage of internet has swept the world off its feet and brought a huge change in the lives of people. There are innumerable productive uses of internet.

It has benefited humanity in many ways like sharing of files and documents, knowledge, information and  communicating with friends and family members.

Apart from it, chatting through social media via messages and texts, playing online games, listening music, watching news channels and much more is available on internet.

Where it has tremendously benefited and helped humans, there it has also caused some problems. There are some disadvantages of this modern technology. There is a security risk in it. Our identity is lost and misused through internet.

Intellectual theft has become common with the advent of this technology. Our new generation waste precious time in playing online games which also affect their psychology.

The continuous use of internet for long hours affects our health. It affects our eyes and cause many disorders in our body. Depression and many other psychological problems are caused by internet.

What are the 5 advantages of internet?
Here are 5 advantages of internet

  1. Give us knowledge what we want.
  2. connectivity, communication and sharing.
  3. give us access to address, contact and mapping etc.
  4. connect us each other with Social media.
  5. Donation and funds.
What are the negative impacts of Internet?
Few Disadvantages of Internet

  • Communication Gap between us.
  • Increasing dependency on internet.
  • Effect on Children.
  • Can waste your time.

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