Essay on Air Pollution | Causes, Impacts & Solution For Students.

Air Pollution is the bad reality of the world today. Air Pollution is the presence of harmful elements in the air. There are various causes to the spread of pollution of environmental air around us. Air pollution is one of the types of pollution that include water pollution, land pollution, environmental pollution noise pollution, light pollution, etc.

essay on air pollution

The worst impacts of air pollution in multiple aspects, we have already been witnessing around the world. There is a critical need to stop, prevent or combat air pollution on our land.

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Essay on Air Pollution : History, Causes, Effects & Solution For Students.


All living beings on the planet earth breathe air. Air is the basic source of survival of living forms. Air that we breathe is getting polluted. The air pollution is defined as the presence of toxic and harmful gases and chemicals that affect the health of humans and animals. Air is being abused by our activities.

Causes of Air pollution

The major cause of air pollution is deforestation. The rampant clearing away of trees and cutting up forests for the wood is the leading factor of air pollution. As forests and trees purify the air, there is continuous addition of harmful gases into atmosphere which pollute air.

The absence of forests and trees make air more polluted because on the planet earth the natural purifier of the air are the trees. Trees filter the air and absorb all harmful gases and beautify our environment.

Secondly the excessive use of vehicles and burning of fossil fuels contribute a lot in air pollution. As there is constant supply of dangerous into environment in the processes of burning of fossil fuels and smoke produced by vehicles contain harmful gases that make air harmful to breathe and unfit.

Thirdly the introduction of industrialization has made the quality of air very poor. The industrial waste and smoke produced by the running of factories and industries contain many toxic chemicals and dangerous gases which mix up with air and make it entirely polluted.

Methane is an explosive gas which pollute air exceedingly. The methane gas that we use for cooking food at homes is also used to run generators which emit dangerous gases.

Apart from it unawareness among people is also a cause of air pollution. The man has become self centered and very mean, for the sake of progress and development man is polluting the air which is the basic ingredient of life.

People don’t know that the trees are the factories of fresh and pure air. People in the search of progress carelessly cut down trees to make roads and establish industries and factories.

On the whole wanton activities of humans like mining and transportation and carelessly cutting down trees uselessly is the root cause of air pollution. 90% of air pollution is man made. All vehicles, industries, factories, smoke of houses and cutting of trees mainly pollute air.

Naturally air pollution is caused very little, due to volcanic eruptions some hazardous gases pollute air and wild fires also create air pollution

Effects of Air Pollution

The air pollution has caused a imbalance in the ecosystem. The disruption of ecosystem is very dangerous for the survival of all living organisms.

The deadly diseases like lung cancer and several respiratory diseases like asthma and many other fatal diseases are caused by air pollution.  Air pollution has increased earth’s temperature and caused climate change which is affecting the lives of all living organisms.

Air pollution has damaged the ozone layer which protect us from the harmful rays of sun. Ozone layer absorbs harmful radiations of sun which is depleted due to air pollution.  The wild life and aquatic life is also affected by air pollution and has destroyed the biodiversity.

How to Combat Air Pollution?

Air pollution can be controlled by planting new trees and saving trees. Let’s save trees and plant new trees to stop air pollution. The burning of fossil fuels and incomplete combustion must be reduced. Stop using motor vehicles excessively. Adopt public modes of transportation.

It will help stop air pollution. Using CNG instead of petrol and diesel is also a good option to control air pollution. Use of clean energy technologies like solar, wind etc will help curb the increasing air pollution. Encouraging people to participate in campaigns and spread awareness among masses so that they avoid polluting air.

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