Essay On Cleanliness | Value & Importance For Students

Cleanliness is next to goodliness. Our health and cleanliness are linked together. The cleanliness of environment around guarantees the good health. It is highly valued to maintain cleanliness in house, office or school classrooms in addition to personal hygiene.

essay on cleanliness

Cleanliness is the part of our life, our education. Various types of  assignments, presentation, short essays, paragraphs and speeches etc are given to children and students of Ukg Class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10th and college level students about meaning, value, advantages, importance of cleanliness in few points.

Read here best selected essays, paragraphs, speeches on cleanliness topic for students. These are short and long, easy simple, with quotes, introduction, conclusion etc  for students to read online, download pdf,ppt and share online with friends.

Essay on Cleanliness:Value, Advantages & Importance For Students


Cleanliness is one of the most important qualities of life. It is considered next to godliness. It is a sort of habit. Cleanliness is defined as the state of being clean or the act of keeping things clean. It is very important for good health. The sign of good health is Cleanliness. It is very important from all point of views, physically, mentally, spiritually and environmentally it is essential.

Importance of Cleanliness

It is the vital ingredient of good health, it prevents from many diseases. Many infectious diseases are caused by not being clean, or by keeping clean. One who is neat and clean remains away from the attacks of viruses and bacteria which make us ill.

Cleanliness is keep our brain, body and soul in peace and tranquility. The best way to live a peaceful, healthy and comfortable life is to keep clean. Cleanliness of body is necessary for the mental and physical health of a person.

It is mandatory for parents to teach their kids how to keep clean. Children must know the importance of Cleanliness. If children will keep home clean and their body clean they will remain away from diseases. The first step to Cleanliness is to keep oneself clean. If a person or a child can not keep himself or herself clean he or she can not advocate Cleanliness nor can maintain Cleanliness of house, school, working place, neighborhood and environment.

Cleanliness reflects the inner beauty of a person. A neat and clean person is liked and respected by all and sundry. Everyone like and love Cleanliness and appreciate one who is always neat and clean. One must practice Cleanliness to earn respect and honor in the eyes of people. Those who do not keep their self clean their body smell, bad breath and dirty attire makes them isolated.

A clean environment is very necessary. In a clean environment people work with a positive mindset having no stress and tension, it enhances the productivity. While a dirty and unclean environment is a sort of prison, it become hard to work energetically and it also reduces the productivity of the work of people. So always keep the environment clean.

For leading a purposeful life Cleanliness is very important. It complement the true worth of an individual and encourages one lead a purposeful life.

How to maintain Cleanliness

First step of Cleanliness is keeping oneself clean, the second step of Cleanliness is to keep surroundings clean including home, school, garden, street, neighborhood and whole country.

One must take shower daily, brush twice a day, wear neat and clean clothes, wash hands before and after every meal or eating, eat clean food and cut nails once in a fortnight.

We must keep our houses and streets clean to ensure good health.Avoid using plastic bags because it create pollution which destroy Cleanliness of our environment. Do not throw garbage or litter on the roads and avoid wasting clean water. To make environment clean we must adopt reusing and recycling techniques.

It is duty of every citizen to make their country green and clean. The environment has a big impact on our lives, there is our daily interaction with the environment. Environmental Cleanliness is very important for humans.

2. Ten lines/Points on Cleanliness For Ukg Kids, Class 1 Students

1.  The absence of dirt and dust is called Cleanliness.

2.  The survival of all species on this planet earth is with the clean and pure environment.

3.  Many infectious and epidemic diseases are caused by lack of Cleanliness and unhygienic conditions.

4.  It is the sign of a civilized, well mannered and educated human being.

5.  The peace of mind and pure thoughts are the product of clean and pure environment.

6.  To have healthy body, healthy mind and living soul it is necessary to adopt Cleanliness.

7.  Washing hands before and after meal is related to Cleanliness and it keeps us away from many diseases.

8.  Neat and tidy appearance of a person, place or thing is called Cleanliness.

9.  One who is always neat and clean and advocates Cleanliness gets respect among people and is honored by all.

10.  All religions of the world emphasize on Cleanliness, in Bhagavad Gita Cleanliness is called a divine quality while in Islam it is called as the half of the faith.

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