Computer Essays | PC, Laptop, Uses of Internet | Short Essays, Speeches & Paragraphs For Students

The computer is an essential part of our life. It is the vital element and part of all field of life including education, health, economy, industry, media etc. In fact, our progress today is entirely dependent on technology, computers powered with Internet.

The Internet Essays | Importance and Uses of Internet Essay & Paragraph For Students

The internet is the heart of today’s technology. It is the base of current modern world. It provides the instant connectivity that is extremely critical in our personal and professional lives.  The following essay discusses the importance and uses of internet in our world.

Read short and long essays on Computer in English with brief history, importance, uses and impacts on our lives.The essays are brief, easy to understand with quotes, points, outline, heading and subheadings and are useful for all students including Ukg kids, class 1,2,3,4,5,6,,7,8,9,10th and  college level students.

Essay On Computer

1. Essay On Computers, its Importance and Uses for Students

Computer is an electronic device. It is used to perform complex calculations and  to perform multiple tasks which are not only difficult but impossible for human mind to accomplish effectively.

Computer is one of the best inventions of modern technology. They generally have vast storage capacity to store large data in the memory. It minimizes time and maximizes amount of work.

Computers are used in offices, banks, hospitals, railway stations, educational institutions etc. It has got highest efficiency in work. It has reduced manual work which lacked quality too. Computer has made our works more effective. In all walks of life we use computer to make our works easier and effective.

Importance and uses of Computer for students

This wonderful invention of technology has benefited students greatly. It is used to store data, notes and papers for studying purposes.

Nowadays parents buy laptops or desktops for their kids to do their school works. Students use it to save large data like information, study materials, projects, photos, images and audio and video presentations and assignments.

Computer is used to solve mathematical sums and to solve difficult problems of calculations. It has lessened the paper work in schools and colleges but it possess large memory and storage data which help to save files.

It enhances the skills of working of a student and helps students to make their work more systematic and organized.

The computer education is very important for all students so that they learn to work effectively. All modern day jobs require computer education and skills of running computer. Computer education has become mandatory in all schools and colleges. The artificial intelligence of computers is used at every walk of life.

Computers are widely used and appreciated product of modern technology. It is used every where. The traditional education system is revolutionized through computers.

Both students and teachers equally use this device to work effectively. Before the invention of this electronic device students were confined to their studies.

Their scope was limited and they were not facilitated in ways of makings projects, assignments and thesis and research work. But nowadays they use computer technology to make their presentations and assignments.

Students use computers to accumulate the wealth of information using internet. Internet has made lives of students easier and it has reduced consumption of time to make their assignments, thesis and research work. The internet provides treasures of information regarding their assignments, presentations and research work topics.

They find information at their fingertips. By using computers they easily utilize the collected information to accomplish their tasks.

At present many educational software applications and programs are made to facilitate and help students. Different types of intelligence and creative tests are designed which help students to boost their creativity and intelligence. Online assessment tests help students to hone their wit and intellect.

Apart from it students get online classes and online degree programs to continue their studies in their desired fields being at home with ease and comfort. Online learning through computers has become inevitable part of our society. Computers engage students to their learning process.


On the whole, computer is an asset to students which help them to do their homework, to make notes, slides, assignments, presentations, thesis work, research work, investigating material regarding their studies. It provide flexible and easy access to infinite resources of learning. Data storage in an organized way help students a lot to sort out topics of their studies.

2. Paragraph on Computer For Students

Computer is an electronic brain which is used in our day to day life. There are two main types of computers, digital and analog. Nowadays hybrid computers are also used.

Whole machinery of computer is divided into hardware an software. Hardware is all that we can touch while we can feel and observe the software of computer.

The four basic parts of computer are CPU (central processing unit), monitor, keyboard and mouse. The CPU is known as the brain of computer which process all functions. The monitor is an output device of computer which shows results while keyboard and pointing device mouse are input devices which are used to give commands.

A computer has not only processing, input and output devices. It possess control and arithmetic unit and memory unit which stores data. Some other peripheral devices like printers, speakers and camera can be connected with it. All these are output devices.

In this digital world computer possess an important place in our life. It has made our work easy.  It saves our time and reduces our effort. This reliable machine is used in all sectors and at every part and parcel of the world. After this invention many things have changed.  It has updated whole world and functions of world.

Basically it is a computing device but it has replaced many manual works and is used in all educational institutions, banks, industries and factories.

It is used in business sector and in medical and research work. It has reduced work loads, saved time and energy and has made life comfortable and easy.

Computer is a mini world. The internet connection in computers connects us with the whole world.It is a magic machine which provide us all types of facilities at a time.

Students can use it for their studies. It help them to make their assignments, presentations and search information about different topics.

Not only students but teachers, doctors, engineers, bankers, businessmen, writers, poets, novelists, dramatists and people belonging to all walks of life can use it. There are innumerable uses of this magic machine. It serves us in doing several jobs.

In this period of information technology one can not survive without computer skills and can succeed in life without knowledge of computer.

3. Speech on Computer For Students

Good Morning to every one today my topic of speech is computer. My dear fellows computer is the recent wonderful invention which occupies an important place in modern period.

It is an electronic machine in which different process can take place at a time. It works very faster and always produce correct results. It is used to solve big complicated sums of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Computers have its own language called programming language. This electronic brain is very useful and has changed our lives. We can call it a substitute of human brain because it is capable of doing work of a mind of man.

It is used at every walk of life. It has earned great importance at schools, colleges, universities, banks, industries and in all business sectors. Much of the manual work is done through computers. It has reduced the manual work. The work that required a lot of time is done in seconds through computer.

It has enormous storage capacity. It can store piles of files and documents and is used to store data. Memory unit of computer is indeed an amazing part.

The invention of computer has helped students largely because it is used to make assignments, projects and presentations. It has brought a revolution in educational systems. The teachers prepare lesson plans and save information and knowledge in it to teach students. All banks, factories, industries and institutions mainly depend on computers.

It has not only blessed humans but has also reduced working capacity of humans. We have become accustomed to this electronic machine.

The idleness and laziness had overcome human. It has reduced labor work.  All manual works are done through computers. It is indeed one of the wonderful invention of our times.

4. Essay on Laptop For Students

The Laptop is an electronic machine like a computer which is portable and can be carried away easily from place to place. Laptop was invented in 1983. Since its invention it has been greatly modified and changed while reaching to our times.

Its name laptop comes from lap and top. As it can be placed on a person’s lap when used. It contains all input and output capabilities of a desktop computer. The only difference is the difference of size and shape.

The main difference between a computer and laptop is that computers don’t have a rechargeable battery while laptops have a rechargeable battery and can be directly used.

Unlike computer one can carry laptop from place to place easily and can use it anywhere. It can be used for hours without power because they possess a battery which store and supply power.

Hardly there is anyone who don’t know about laptop and its uses. It is widely used in offices, schools, colleges and universities. Specially for students it is a boon. The students use it for making their assignments. While using laptop one can do research based works.

The different formats in laptop make learning of students very effective. Laptop helps share knowledge, to search information from internet and to complete projects.

It is used in making notes.  Nowadays in modern period to save time and money students write and save notes in a document. The digital and electronic notes are more efficient and are not easily damaged and lost.

It is a wonderful invention. It has brought a revolutionary change in the lives of students. It not only saves time but saves money because students can download books from different websites and study at home. Availability of internet access in a laptop can help encourage learning of a student.

This small portable, personal computer like electronic machine is a blessing in disguise for all people specially to writers, students, teachers and all who work in any office.

5. Ten Lines & More Sentences on Computer For Students

1. A computer is an electronic device which works faster and works accurately.

2. There are four basic parts of computer; they are CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse.

3. The CPU is the brain of computer which process all functions of computer.

4. The TV like output device monitor displays everything on a screen.

5. The keyboard and mouse both are input devices of computer which are used to give commands.

6. We can attach speakers, camera and printer with computer.

7. We can connect computer with internet and use it productively.

8. Charles Babbage is known as the father of computer because it is he who invented it.

9. It has high processing speed and posses infinite abilities to work faster and accurate.

10. They are used in schools, colleges, universities, banks and offices for several purposes.

11. Word computer is taken from compute which means to calculate and count, it calculate quickly and accurately.

12. It is used to work, to make files, to prepare documents, projects and assignments.

13. It is also used for watching movies, listening music and playing games.

14. It has made our lives easier and has benefited human to a large extent.

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