Essay on Deforestation | Causes & Effects of Cutting Trees

deforestation is the merciless cutting down of trees, rain forests etc. It brings evil consequences. Deforestation has many causes like water logging, urbanization, cutting down of trees for profit etc.

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Essay on Deforestation; Causes, Impacts & Solutions For Students

Deforestation means the cutting down of forests for the establishment of industries, factories and for agricultural purposes.

It has become a habitual trend of the world to cut down trees in order to seek progress. In the search of progress man destroying forests which are an asset to the wild life and source of fresh oxygen for the survival of all living beings on earth. Forests regulate the balance of environment but unfortunately forests are declining.

Causes of Deforestation

The main cause of deforestation is the agricultural sector, the forests are cut down to use land for growing more crops to satisfy the needs of increasing population.

The over population is fueling deforestation because more land is required for accommodation of people.

The main cause of the deforestation is the unawareness among people, they are destroying forests which are our life.

Trees are cut down for making various products. To derive useful products of trees the forest are damaged and destroyed.

Forests are also cut and destroyed to build towns and cities to accommodate people and to build offices and factories.

Impacts of Deforestation

The deforestation has left several negative repercussions on our environment. Environmental imbalance is caused by deforestation. Forests clean and purify our environment but now pollution is increasing in our environment.

Air, water and land pollution are mainly caused by deforestation. Trees absorb harmful gases and cleanse the air and keep environment clean but trees are left very little to keep environment healthy and clean.

The water cycle, the carbon cycle and whole ecosystem is disturbed due to deforestation.  World climate is affected and it has left negative impacts on the biodiversity.  The extinction of many species of plants and animals is increasing.

As forests are the natural habitat of many species of birds and animals. Species are dying due to lack of habitat and food.

What a pity! Man is destroying the natural habitat of several innocent species of animals to build their homes and to seek progress.

Global warming is caused by deforestation because trees help regulate the temperature of the environment. Trees consume harmful gases present in air during photosynthesis and release oxygen in environment. But due to lack of trees little amount of carbon and other dangerous gases is absorbed which are increasing global warming.

The starvation is caused by deforestation, there is a food chain, whole food chain is disturbed and thousands of animals hardly find food and are starving to death.

Solutions; How to Stop Deforestation?

As deforestation is fatal, we humans must open our eyes and realize the severity of the issue and take necessary measures to control deforestation. It will deteriorate our environment and our future generations will the price of our ignorance.

We humans are cutting down trees mercilessly to satiate our hunger, we have closed our eyes to the importance of forests.

Let’s start campaigns to aware people and to stop deforestation. The government must take notice of this issue and punish those who destroy forests uselessly.


Forests are the beautiful creation of God. They are the beauty of our environment. It is our duty save forests and to plant new trees to make our environment more beautiful and healthy. Healthy and clean environment is the sign of healthy life. Save forests to save life.

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