Essay On Digital India | Benefits & Importance For Us

The digitization is vital and most important cherished goal of India. The digital India is the pillar of success and progress of developing India.

There is a great need of digitization for benefit, advantages, impacts on India. The essay focuses on history of Digital India, objectives and benefits of digital India with cashless economy and judicious use of gadgets for the growth and development of India.

digital india essay

Digital India Essay: Impacts, Importance & Advantages For India

Digital India is a campaign launched on 1st of July 2015 by the government of India transform all services into electronic form.

The prime Minister of India Narendra Modi started this campaign. It was decided to complete this project by 2020.

This campaign will benefit both service providers and consumers. It is very effective and efficient technique which will save time man power to a great extent.

Aims and Objectives of Digital India Project

The main objective of this campaign is to increase internet connectivity, to improve infrastructure, reducing paper work and to provide Indian citizens electronic government services to make India a digitally empowered country.

The digital India project aims to ensure the broadband highways, to ensure universal access to mobile phones, to facilitate people with high speed internet, to reform government through digitization, to bring electronic delivery of services, to provide online information and knowledge accessibility easy to all citizens of India and to provide more IT jobs to Indians to excel in life.

Since last four years government of India is making technological advances in order to provide all services digitally.

All the government sectors and business classes gathered to bring digital revolution throughout the India, including all cities and villages of India.

In around 600 districts of India several events have been celebrated to make this revolution practical. All top industrialists of India pledged to make this campaign complete within stipulated time to help strengthen stability of nation and to improve economy of the country and to facilitate people of India.

Government of India initiated different schemes to help boost this campaign and to achieve desired objectives.

Some schemes like Digital Locker, e-health, e-education, e-sign, National scholarship portal have cost more than one lakh crore.

Some critics believe that if India succeeds to bring digital revolution, India will become one of the most powerful and developed countries of the world in future.

Serving e-governance to Indians will improve efficiency of work, will save time and will reduce paper work which is wastage of time and money. India will prosper by leaps and bounds if it became a digital country.

The most advanced departments of India like information technology, education, agriculture etc have vowed to work every waking moment to make India a digital zone on the globe of the world.

The BBNL “Bharat Broadband Network Limited” have played vital and most crucial role to make this project come true and to get fruitful results of the campaign.

Advantages of Digital India

This campaign will not only help boost the economy of the country but Indians will get connected with the whole world, their communication with their relatives, friends and family members will become instant and easy.

The internet users using social media and improved technology will find medium to share ideas and thoughts with the world.

One will be encouraged and motivated to learn and excel in life by sharing ideas and thoughts. Several job opportunities will be generated for Indians and they sitting at their home will apply for different jobs online.


This campaign will run under the umbrella of internet, all cities and rural areas of the country will be connected with high speed internet services.

Indians will help improve their standards by acquiring knowledge, skills and technical information from internet.

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