Speech On Discipline | Value & Importance For Students

The discipline is very valuable and important in our life. It leads to success, progress, punctuality, peace and happiness in life. The discipline is equally important for students, teachers, businessman, and every young and old in life.

Read here best selected speeches on discipline, its value and importance of self discipline in life with outline, heading, motivational quotes and info graphs.

The speeches mention disciple and self discipline in life of students, its effects, link with success and obedience in life.

Discipline is the mandatory behavior for everyone in life. These short and long, easy simple speeches are quite helpful for ukg Kids, children and students of class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10th and college level students.

Speech on Discipline

Speech About Discipline Its Value and importance in Life For Students

Discipline is one of the important aspect of life. It is the most desired and cherished attribute of men. Let me tell you that discipline is an art and ability to control behavior, etiquette and habits. It is a winning weapon. One can win by adopting this quality.

This capability of resisting temptations helps achieve perseverance, patience and power. Self discipline is defined as the punctuality, good eating and drinking habits, respect of one’s own and other’s time and to follow right practices. To set a routinely life and work accordingly is discipline. A disciplined is called he who submits himself to a good rule or system.

The importance and value of discipline in life is higher than the life itself. It makes us successful and makes our life fruitful. Discipline is needed at every walk of life, one can not succeed without being disciplined. It teaches us to value our time and to respect other’s time.

One can not earn respect without being disciplined, it makes us sensible enough to cope up with life and its forces with ease and comfort. It is a tool to construct character and to develop unity among people.

Man is a social animal. One can not live in isolation, nor any one can afford to be treated inferior. We are a part of society. We can’t live alone. Being a part of society is becomes mandatory upon us to adopt all cherished and desired attributes that our society demands. Discipline is one among those qualities.

It makes us human, a well disciplined person can earn respect in the eyes of people and can live happily in the society. Discipline adds beauty in us. The power of this quality makes one center of attention of people. It helps us to be practical in life, one can not control his or her emotions and feelings without being disciplined.

The foundation stone of our life is discipline. The practical approach towards life and right kind of attitude makes us human. It strengthens us internally, instead of being lazy, weak and useless it helps us to stay active, agile, time bound and energetic.

It promotes team work and develops feelings of co-operation and unity. Unity is the symbol of love. To be united is a blessing. A united group of people is an asset to nation and they can solve their problems by being united. Discipline teaches us to be united and to stand by one another through thick and thin.

The punctuality of time and utilization of time in a best way can be earned to those who are disciplined. The notion of zero procrastination is achieved to all disciplined one. Those who aspire to be self determined must become disciplined first.

As we all know that life is full of ups and downs, it presents many problems and issues, to overcome the challenges of life discipline plays a vital role. The road to success is very hard, discipline helps one to stick around to his goals and makes one successful.

Success can not attained without discipline. It teaches us to be determined, dedicated to work and life. It makes us storing enough to face the hurdles of life to become successful.

It is rightly said that a disciplined mind leads to happiness and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering.
In the end I will quote a line that discipline is a bridge between goals and accomplishments. No achievement can be attained without discipline.

All the great revolutionary leaders, reformers and legends became disciplined first later they became successful and achieved their goals and success. It means discipline benefits us while indiscipline causes harm. Life without discipline will become meaningless and useless, it is a tool to construct a road to success.

Speech on Discipline in Life; Value, Role & Importance

Good Morning Everyone, Honorable Principle, worthy teachers and my dear fellows. Today we all have gathered here to speak about the discipline, its value, need and importance for life

The discipline is the essence of our creation, our ladder towards a happy, successful and contented life. The discipline  is the manner of doing the right things at the right time. It is a thorough a term that stands for punctuality, honesty, dedication, commitment and success, in the end.

The discipline in fact defines the rules of our good conduct, the regulations to follow, the good ideas to implement, and a sum total of best manners that bring a happy and successful life.

There are a few components of discipline that include, honesty, commitment, dedication, efficiency, punctuality, sincerity and trustworthiness. If we look at the life, governed by all of these rules, the word that strikes our minds, is the discipline.

The discipline is the core of human progress in life. The history and the conduct of all successful individual and nations around the world would testify the value and importance of discipline in life. An undisciplined life, in fact, brings nothing to us in life.

The discipline is the opposite of laziness and lethargy. It strictly opposes the non serious and unplanned life with no goals or purpose in the end. The discipline lays emphasis on a goal oriented, strategic and well planned life.

The discipline is very important in all field of life. It is visible in nature. The lives of animals and plants with fixed roles and responsibilities, testify the presence of as the core of life. Even in the rise and fall of sun, changing of seasons, of days and nights etc, there is a discipline at the work.

Discipline is very important in our collective life. It offers the rules, responsibilities and certain expectation from individuals working collectively for the different purposes of life. The discipline is the strength of public institutions like schools, universities, public offices, in games and sports etc. Wherever we go we find that everyone is doing the tasks or roles as given or assigned to them.

The discipline is a the part of our learning. The schools that adopt and implement a strict set of discipline for students, bring the successful students of tomorrow. As it a fact that the classroom defines the future of a nation.

Therefore, the discipline should be implemented and inculcated among the students from the very start of their education. For that, we should be grateful to our school that pride in honesty, integrity, dedication and self discipline.

The discipline is the door to a successful and happy life. It is the time management, full of energy and commitment, no procrastination, zero laziness, the passion and commitment in life. It is the discipline alone that gives a meaning, a purpose and a value to our lives.

I would conclude my speech with the great words of wisdom about discipline by our great leader “There will have to be rigid and iron discipline before we achieve anything great and enduring, and that discipline will not come by mere academic argument and appeal to reason and logic. Discipline is learnt in the school of adversity”  Indeed, discipline, dedication, honesty and dedication are the true virtues to a happy, successful and goals oriented life.

Speech on Discipline in Life of a Student

Today my topic of speech is discipline and its importance in the life of a student. A student is bound to work timely, he has to follow some parameters and set rules to study properly.

Discipline is the key of success in a student’s life. A student who obeys teachers and rules of school and class never face any hardship. It is very necessary for a student to obey the laws of school or campus, discipline makes a student shine. Teachers respect and love those students who are well disciplined.

A student who lack discipline can never get success at academic level nor in life ahead. One can not learn good manners and good habits without discipline.

Discipline is the foundation Stone character and good manners. The conduct and behavior of a student is the ladder to success. A student must know how to talk to teachers, how to sit, how to eat and when to act and work.

A student who lack at discipline become an errant student. An errant student often commit mistakes and stray away from proper course and loses his or her value in the eyes of teachers and face problems.

Every student must be conscious of his or her duties and responsibilities and must follow rules and regulations to achieve desired end. If students lose discipline in any institution or academy or any school, it will become a madhouse, it will become very difficult to achieve desired results. Indiscipline and vulgarity will cause confusion and disorder in school.

Only a well disciplined student enjoys a healthy and successful life. A student must be tolerant to rules and laws and try to create a peaceful atmosphere at school for easy going.

Education and knowledge is the power, the power which we get through education is the power of discipline. Being educated and learned if a student loses discipline and react violently is considered


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