Essay on Environmental Pollution | Causes & Impacts

Environmental Pollution is one of the worst issues we are facing these days. It has not come overnight. There are various reasons to the spread of environmental Pollution. In the below given essay on environmental pollution, we have discussed its types, causes, impacts and possible solution to stop pollution.

esasy on environmental pollution

The essay is easy simple, long and short, with quotes, outline, heading, introduction and conclusion. It is helpful for children and students of Ukg kids, class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10th level students.

Essay on Environmental Pollution, Causes, Impacts and Solution For Students


Environment is the foundation of the survival of all living organisms on the planet earth.Environment is constituted of many components, all constituents of environment are vitally important. All natural components of environment like Air, Water, soil etc are essential ingredients of life.

Unfortunately all natural components of environment are being misused and are subjected to many pollutants.The highly increasing rate of environmental pollution leads to unsafe and unhealthy future.

Causes of Environmental Pollution

The imbalance in the environment is mainly caused by human activities. Since last five to ten decades with the introduction of industrial revolution humans started to seek material progress. The modernization is the root cause all types of pollutants present in the environment. Modernization has helped increase the urbanization which is also a cause of pollution.  Mainly the cutting down of trees and clearing away of forests fuels the environmental pollution.

Deforestation has paralyzed the natural components of environment.  The burning of fossil fuels, gaseous release from motor vehicles, smoke of factories, industrial wastes, oil spills, plastic bags, sewage and garbage of cities and towns are fueling the rate of environmental pollution.  The industrial waste is pollute soil. The smoke and harmful gases pollute air which we breathe.

Nowadays plastic bags are used excessively, every thing is sold in plastic bags and in plastic packing. All wrappers are thrown carelessly which reaches water bodies, blocks the drainage system.  The increasing urbanization is also one of the cause of environmental pollution. The natural ecosystem is on the verge of destruction, the rapid urbanization has badly affected our ecosystem.

Apart form it over population is the leading factor of environment population. The growth in population has increased the demand of food, shelter and resources. In order to help meet the demands of increasing population environment is subjected to suffer due to deforestation.

The agro-chemicals also affect the environment, the insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers used in agricultural sector pollute the water, air and soil.

Impacts of Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution has left adverse effects on the health of humans. Not only humans but other species too are affected of environmental pollution. Many hazardous diseases such as respiratory diseases, liver infections and chronic diseases are caused by environmental pollution.

The quality of soil, water and air quality is lost due to environmental pollution. The quality of crop is also affected because of environmental pollution.

Environmental pollution has caused the melting of icebergs which result in the rising sea levels. Many natural calamities like earthquakes, cyclones and storms are caused by environmental pollution.  Global warming is the output of environmental pollution. The increasing temperature has made lives of humans and animals difficult.

Solution: How to Prevent Environmental Pollution

As the environmental pollution is mainly caused by deforestation and clearing away of forests which purify the air and regulate the balance of environment. There is need of Plantation, without Plantation and trees environmental pollution can not be controlled.

Someone has rightly said that “participation in the environmental movements takes a little effort but makes a big difference “. If each one of us plant a single tree, the planet earth will become green and healthy.

To help stop environmental pollution public awareness is very necessary. Leonardo has rightly said that “raising public awareness on the environmental issues of present is the most important action ever”.

There is a familiar saying that “be a part of solution not a part of pollution “. All water bodies are the source of survival, fresh water is scarce on the surface of earth, we must save fresh water and stop polluting water bodies.

There must be recycling of natural wastes, reducing the use of chemicals and fertilizers and reusing the used objects is very helpful to save environment. The clean energy technologies like solar system, wind energy and geothermal are the best options for the solution of environmental issues.


It’s high time to take initiatives to save environment, people must prefer public mode of transportation, must use CNG instead of petrol and diesel and reduce the use of fossil fuels which pollute environment. It is not the duty of environmentalists and government only to help save the environment.

It is responsibility of each individual to take step to save environment. Our environment is our home. Keeping home clean and pure is necessary to live a healthy and peaceful life

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