Essay On Corruption | Causes, Impacts & Solution For Students

The corruption is a severe curse. It is the major obstacle in the progress and development of a country. The root causes of corruption lies in injustice, violation of rights, lack of transparency and fairness in the society.

The following essay discusses the corruption, its root causes and impacts on society along with brief solution how to control corruption.

The essays are short and long, simple, brief and are useful for primary, elementary and high school students.

Corruption Essays | Essays on Corruption, Causes & Impacts, Quotes & images | For Children & Students

Corruption is the root cause of all evils. The corruption in any face, is the death to civility and human progress. The corruption is a type of greed that sustains itself upon ignorance, illiteracy, immorality and immature mindset.

Corruption in any department, causes the stagnation, regression and lack of development. The following essays & Speeches on topic corruption, root causes & solutions have been prepared for children & students.

Essay on corruption

Essay On Corruption; Causes, Impacts & Solutions

Corruption is a disease.  In fact it is an infectious disease which is spreading like a wild fire. Corruption is known as the illegal, immoral and unjust activities in the government sectors and in administration system of the country. The misuse and mistreatment of the resources to get benefits is corruption.

The misuse of power and position is also called corruption. It is a poison which kills the rights of other people. Corruption is another name of dishonesty and theft. Malpractice of responsibilities, exploitation of resources, slaughter of human rights, wastage of public property and scams are different forms of corruption are found in our society.

Types of Corruption

The main forms or types of corruption are Judicial corruption, governance corruption, Financial corruption, political corruption, corruption in educational institutions and corruption in enforcement of laws.  It restricts the growth and development of a society, organization and the nation as a whole.

Causes of Corruption

Essay on Corruption - 4 Causes of Corruption

The root cause of inequality and injustice in the society is the corruption. Corruption destroys a nation socially, politically and economically. Our paralyzed society, declining economy and political instability are the results of corruption.

The misuse of power, position and authority to get personal advantages and to fulfill own selfish motives for personal satisfaction is a poison.  It deprives others of their rights. The rights of others are snatched and misused.

Corruption has become deep rooted sin. It is the most deadly disease like cancer which is uncontrollable. The corrupt  people misuse power in order to fill their greed for personal gain.

Corruption has caught minds of people.  People have become very corrupt in their dealings. They exercise their powers and authority for their own sake only. People have became accustomed to play and plunder the rights of others. Corruption is a sort of greediness which effaces away natural essence of humanity.

Impacts of Corruption

The greed is curse. It deprives us of human qualities like loyalty, honesty and faithfulness. The appetite for money, power, prestige, name and fame have brought us to no where. The insatiable appetite for wealth and riches has increased corruption.

It has spread vehemently. The corruption has left no filed and no sector. All government and non government sectors and businesses are drowned in corruption. From common public lives to politics it has grown its roots deep.

Throughout the world many reformers and great leaders are trying to curb increasing corruption in the society. The Leaders have fought hard to eliminate this disease.

Many have lost their lives in order to remove corruption. Unfortunately, the corruption still seems to be uncontrollable.

The corruption blinds the people. They have  forgotten all values of humanity in quest of money and power. People have forgotten to realize that money and power is not everything.

Money  is not a stable thing. The humanity is everything. It is one of the most dangerous social evil which has increased to an unimaginable extent.

The illiteracy, inadequate compensation, poverty, lack of awareness and decline in the moral and ethical values in the society are very factors that has increased corruption in the world.

These factors are responsible for the corruption in the society. The Illiteracy is considered one of the major cause of corruption.

The increasing corruption has adversely affected the democratic system of countries around the world. Corruption is severe threat to democracy around the world. Unfortunately, in many non developing countries, the elected leaders themselves are caught in corruption.

They are  voted and choose by people for the development and progress of nation. Instead of that, when they get elected and find powers they work against the  expectations of people. The corruption then finds the deep roots in the polity of a country

There is no equality and justice in society. The  people are deprived of their basic rights because of corruption. Corruption, therefore, needs to be dealt against very seriously.

The new rules and regulations must be enacted to reduce corruption from country.It can be controlled by having transparency and accountability in all sectors. Fairness will help control corruption from the country.


The corruption is deep mark on the face of humanity today. No development, peace, prosperity and progress can be ensured, unless the corruption is controlled.

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