Essay On Technology | Advantages & Disadvantages For Students

Information technology is one of the most useful, powerful development force of modern world. The role of science and information technology in the development, progress and prosperity of world today is a crucial factor. It is useful in all fields of life including education, health, economy,governance etc.

Various long and short essays on Modern Information technology, its importance, uses and abuses, impacts on youth etc, have been written here with great care. These essays & Paragraphs are in simple language, with heading subheading, quotes pdf, images and info graphs for Ukg kids, primary, elementary and high school students.

Essay On Technology

Essay on Technology its Advantages and Disadvantages For Students


Technology is the scientific knowledge to create and invent new devices and machines to facilitate humans. The arrival of different devices and machines have made life more easier. Technology is defined as the use of scientific knowledge to create and produce something to enhance and improve life.

Science and technology and interdependent on each other, advance in the filed of science brings advance in technology. The research, experiments and observations that are conducted in the field of science help to design and produce technological products and devices that benefit humanity.

Nowadays people have become accustomed to the use of technological inventions, humans can not do without them. If we will remove technology life will become difficult.

Advantages of Technology in Life

1. It has helped in the growth and development of humans.

2. Inventions and discoveries have made life more easier and more effective and convenient.

3. Technology has connected whole world and have made world a global village.

4. It is used at every walk of life, simply it is a boon to mankind.

5. Technology has not only made our life easier and comfortable but it has contributed a lot in the growth of economies of the world.

6. Creative technology which includes art, designing and advertising through some software applications has helped a lot to promote art and designing.

7. The architectural technology has made it easier to design and build buildings, bridges and plazas.

8. Industrial technology has also benefited industry.

9. Micro technology is improving by leaps and bounds which has helped to make chips and microelectronics circuits to enhance and improve performance and functioning with reduced cost.

10. Medical technology has produced many devices and instruments to diagnose and treat diseases. The diseases that were difficult to treat and diagnose are effectively diagnosed and treated with the help of technology.

Disadvantages of Technology

1. The excessive use of technological equipment and inventions has created different sorts of pollution. The industrial waste is dumped and thrown into water bodies like rivers which pollute water and the smoke emitted from factories, industries and vehicles pollutes air. Due to air and water pollution the world is facing severe health issues and problems.

2. Technology borne diseases like visual impairment and obesity are on the rise.

3. It has made people socially isolated.

4. The labor class is suffering due to advancement in technology because it has decreased employment opportunities.

5. The horns of vehicles and sounds produced from machines has increase noise pollution.

6. Many natural resources are at the risk and are being depleted to produce and prepare technological equipment, it is an unalterable threat to environment.

7. The use of machines and devices has reduced physical activities which ultimately cause health problems.

8. Using technology the world has made nuclear weapons and atomic bombs which are a silent threat to the lives of humans.

9. The addiction of mobile phones and devices is very disastrous for humans specially for the new generation.

10. Smart phones have left many negative impacts on New generation.

11. The use of vehicles has also become an addiction, people have forgotten to walk.

12. The use smart phones is increasing gender gap, isolation and people are facing depression and mental disorders.


On the whole technology is a blessing in disguise. It offers ease and comfort and makes life more comfortable, it is more addictive too. The use of machines and devices has made our life more convenient and easy on the other hand it has made us suffer too. Technology is taking us away from nature. We have become machine men with machine minds, we hardly find time to enjoy the nature around.

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