Essay on Women Empowerment | Importance, Barriers & Solutions For Students

Women’s empowerment is the most crucial issue of the world. The women rights, equality, and importance is the need of the hour. Gender equality and women’s freedom is the proven guarantee of collective societal progress. Read here best selected short and long essays on women empowerment, meaning the purpose and importance of empowerment.

The detailed essay and article include women empowerment in the 21st century with an outline, introduction, conclusion, points, quotes, and outline. These descriptive, simple, easy to understand essays are useful for all grade students including Ukg class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10th and college-level students.

Women Empowerment Speeches | Importance, Issues, threats, Practical Solutions, Quotes & info graphs

The women empowerment is the road towards success and prosperity for the modern world. The freedom and empowerment of women in line with existing fair cultural practices with modesty and justice, is the real thing, that the developing world needs to adopt. The following speech on importance and need of women empowerment is the sure way ahead .

Essay on Women Empowerment

Essay on Women Empowerment; Importance, Barriers, and solutions

Women Empowerment is known for improving the status of women in society. Especially educating women so that they become financially independent and become able to live sound and happy life. Eradication of gender discrimination is another name of Women Empowerment.

Importance of Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment is very necessary for the progress and prosperity of the nation. There is too much gender discrimination in our society. Women can become useful members of society when their rights to education, health, safety, jobs, etc are protected.

Discrimination is a barrier to achieve sustainable development. If women will be left behind it will become very difficult to prosper socially and economically. It is very important to eliminate gender differences in the stability and prosperity of a nation.

A society caught in gender inequality and other divisions can not be a fair society. Women Empowerment gives dignity to women in society. When women get their rights they work with men and contribute a lot in the prosperity and growth of the nation.

It creates an equal and healthy society. An educated and self-dependent woman can help when a family is caught in crisis. An educated and empowered woman can fulfill her primary responsibilities effectively like the nutrition of children at home. She can look for their education and good management of household activities.

It is recently declared that there are some societies where women are treated worse than animals. They are entirely deprived of their basic rights and are subjected to live the life of slavery. Specially India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and some African countries are those countries where women suffer from birth to death.

Their rights are not given to them.  They are bound to live the life of slavery. More importantly, women in almost all backward countries are deprived of quality education. They were illiterate and uneducated are treated very badly. Until and unless they are not provided a good education they won’t be able to stand with men in society and won’t be able to exercise their basic rights.

Since long it has become a trend to subjugate women. They have been subjected to several atrocities and several sorts of injustices at the hands of men. Domestic violence is on the rise. They are considered inferior to men at homes.

In our crippled society where there is no justice to the oppressed community, how women are treated fairly and equally. It is only when the women enjoy equal powers and opportunities the nation then will progress.

Mother’s lap is the first institution of a child. Indeed the lap of a mother is the very place where the moral, ethical, religious and social education of a child starts.

Mother’s lap is the best Alma mater for every child. If a mother will not be educated she won’t be able to discharge her duties diligently and effectively.

Women are the real architects of society. Women are strong and brave and they can do what a man can do. They can help to build our society strong. If they will not be treated well our society will never improve. As someone has rightly said that “ It is vain to expect virtue from women, till they are to some degree independent of men”.

Barriers to Women Empowerment

Numerous factors hinder women Empowerment. Some of the barriers are enlisted below.

1. Age-old traditions, few orthodox beliefs, and societal norms. Women are termed to live within four walls of the house. They are not permitted for education and employment.

2. Sexual harassment at workplaces.

3. There is a pay disparity in societies. Women are paid less as compared to men.

4. Child and early marriage also hinder women to empower themselves. She is caged after marriage.

5. Criminal assaults and injustice with women in rural areas.  They don’t enjoy liberty and freedom.


Some Practical Solution for Women Empowerment

The promotion of girl child education is the sole solution to Women Empowerment. An educated woman can take care of herself and can take effective care of the needs of the family. Educated women are the backbone of the nation.

They can educate their kids at home. They can help run the system of the family smoothly. It is very important to safeguard the basic needs of women. Education is the most vital factor to empower women. The quality and sound education can help women to lead a good life.

The education of girl child must be made mandatory to make women empowered and strong enough to face the challenges of life. Special efforts must be made to educate girls and women so that they actively participate in the progress of the nation.

There is a need for skill development programs to empower women so that they work and elevate their standing in society.

All civic societies are must work together to safeguard the interests and rights of women.

Women are not provided with basic health care and health facilities.  They must be given proper health care to ensure their lives.

What is the importance of women’s empowerment in India?

In common sense it is understood that women’s empowerment is to empower women and self dependent, but in India, a women are being tortured and raped here women empowerment means to improve their position in power structure of the society

What are the 5 types of empowerment?

Here are the 5 types of women empowerment

  1. Physiological. 
  2. Educational.
  3. Economic.
  4. Social
  5. Political

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