Essay on My Hobby Reading Books

Essay writing is very important when you are in school or college. So, when I was in high school, during my early years in high school. I helped my sister with her assignments and also help with my friends homework. But in the art class, we had to write an essay on My Hobby Reading Books. This was the first time I wrote an essay by myself without anyone’s help.

Essay on my hobby reading books

My hobby is reading books. My father gave me lots of books to read just after my 6th birthday. From that day onward love for books grew up slowly inside me day by day.

At that time, I used to visit the nearby library daily with my friends and got fascinated by new stories. And loved to read books on adventurous and romantic stories. During my school days, I read all the 3 Enid Blyton’s famous series Famous Five, Secret Seven, and Adventure Series.

Nowadays, the tendency of reading has decreased a lot as there is not enough time for it. Still, whenever I am free I open up Facebook or some other website and start reading new novels. I also follow news and updates about every individual who matters to me most. I still enjoy reading books a lot and cannot imagine my life without that.

In my opinion, my hobby is reading books. I have been interested in reading ever since my childhood days when my father used to give me lots of stories books. I can read them at my own pace and also my favorite was the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton.

These were my first adventure stories which created a lot of interest in me towards the book novel. Whenever I get extra time from my busy schedule, I prefer reading novels or news updates about different characters who

I think my hobby of reading books will be my lifetime habit and I will always take my books with me when I die. Reading has helped me a lot to gather my knowledge and make it more powerful. It has also made my brain strong and active because we have to think a lot while we read or write anything.


So, these were some of my favorite writing moments which still continue in my life even today after completing college. Overall, my hobby of reading books has been very helpful for me during difficult times. It also by helping me to get entertained and pass my spare time constructively. This is why I love my hobby very much.

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