My Mother Essay For Students

Mother is the real blessing of God. Though it is impossible to mention all the good qualities of mother in one essay, we have tried our best to sum up the role, responsibilities, sacrifices, worth and status, love, and affection of the mother for a family.

My Mother Essay For Students with Quotes & Headings

My mother is my first teacher. She is my guide, my career counselor, my friend, and above all my world. I have never found anyone so near and dear to me except my mother. She is the sole survival of my life. I owe everything to her. Her abounding and infinite love is the source of survival for me.

She is the most trusted entity in my life. I have grown under her care. Since my childhood, I have been enjoying her care, love, and pure affection. The blessed umbrella of her love has made me able to live happily. My attachment to my mother is unbreakable. I can’t breathe or do anything without her. Even I can’t breathe happily in her absence. She is my first teacher.

I learned the first lesson of selfless love in her lap. The lap of my mother is my first institution where I initiated the journey of my learning. My mother works the whole day long to run the house. She cooks and serves food for all family members. In the early morning, she wakes up, to make breakfast for all.

She works continuously to fulfill the needs of all family members the whole day long. Indeed my mother is very strong, bold, and devoted to her duties.

It is the fountain of love inside her that gives her the power to work every waking moment. The selfless and pure love is the driving force. It is her unselfish love that enables her to help face the physical exhaustion.

She is a blessing. The one that is considered as an epitome of selfless love, abounding care, desired sincerity, and much-needed truthfulness. These qualities of my mother make me spellbound to extol her greatness. I lack words to describe my mother. She is the kindness itself. After God, she is the most revered and dignified entity to me.

My mother is both my teacher and my best friend. She laid the foundation stone of my education and taught me the skills that will help me at every walk of life. I find the best friend in my mother. She gives me her company when I face any hardship or difficulty in life. She not only helps and supports me but also encourages me to face the challenges of life boldly.

I share my feelings with her. She knows the deepest secrets of my life because I never hid anything from her. She always advised and corrected me whenever I was wrong and elevated and praised me excessively whenever I did anything right.

Once my mother asked me, what did I aspire to be, I replied I wanted to be an officer. Since that day I have felt that now it is not only my dream to become an officer, it’s her dream too. She always insists me to study hard and work every waking moment to be an officer.

I have been studying diligently to materialize the dream of my mother. My success is her success. She has devoted and sacrificed all her wishes to make my dream come true. My mother is an inspiration to me because of her devotion, hard work, love, and faith inspire me to do more, to learn more, and to become more.

She is my leader. I blindly follow her because she has always fought for my demands. She addresses my demands to my father so that I get everything done with ease and comfort. She led me to the right path and taught me to be righteous and truthful. My mother is my life. Rudyard Kipling has rightly said that “God could not be everywhere so he made mothers”. She is next to God to me. I owe everything to her, my life is with her life. May God bestow her long life.

Ten Lines Essay on My Mother For Children

1) Mother is a real blessing because there is no match for the life of Mother.

2) My mother is my best friend, she understands me and helps me to solve my problems.

3) My mother is always concerned about everything for me.

4) My mother is always ready to give any sacrifice for my wishes and needs.

5) My mother works very hard to take care of the needs of all family members of the house.

6) My mother is my pride, she loves me selflessly.

7) My mother is my umbrella because she always protects me.

8) My mother is my great motivation and because she always encourages me.

9) My life is devoted to my mother as she devoted her life to me.

10) I always pray for the health and long life of my mother.

Paragraph on My Mother for Students

As we know that mother is an excellent example of love, affection, and sacrifice. There is no match of the love of mother, mothers love is true in the world only. My mother loves me excessively, she always tries to make me happy.

She is very much concerned about my health, she is very upset when I am not fine. It is rightly said that a mother always understands what her child needs every time. My mother always helps me, she never let me feel bored. Though she works all day in our home yet she never complains about it.

It is with the prayers and blessing of our mothers that we always become successful in every walk of life. Her prayers are always granted and answered. All religions of the world have given importance to the relation of the mother. Paradise lies under the feet of the mother.

My Mother Emotional Speech For Students

Today my topic of the speech is my mother, I feel very proud to talk about my mother. Indeed mother is the most sacred relation. There is no parallel of a mother, all other relations are inferior to motherhood.

I feel highly obliged by my mother who borne pains and labor to bring me into this world. I had not been here in this world if there had not been a mother. It is she who feeds me her blood when I had been in her womb and raised me, looked after me, and nurtured me delicately and sacrificed her desires to fulfill my desires.

I believe that only mother’s love is true in the world only since my childhood I have been enjoying the true love of my mom who never let me feel alone even for a moment. Her love knows no bounds, she is the perfect epitome of selfless love and compassion. My mother is a substitute for God to me because there is no match of her love on the surface of the earth. All other relations sound dim and dull when compared with mother, the love of a mother surpasses all.

She is the first teacher, first guide, and first leader when one starts taking steps, it is she who teaches how to take steps and stand on own feet. A child takes the first steps of life holding the blessed finger of the mother. It is my mother who made me stand on my feet and taught me how to eat and how to drink.

What an unusual display of love, every mother forgets her existence when she bears a baby son or daughter when she becomes a mother she loses her existence and finds her existence and survival in the existence of her child.

She can’t sleep if her child is awake, she can’t eat if her child is hungry, she can’t smile if her child is sad, above all she becomes ill and sick if her child is sick. How can I measure the extent of her love and care, her affection is immeasurable.

As someone has said that “ Having children just put the whole world into perspective, everything else just disappears”. The lap of my mother is my first institution where I learned everything that I needed to be a good human and found peace and comfort in her arms.

Whenever I had been upset or sad, she took me in her arms, embraced, hugged, and showered such love and affection which always made me forget all my worries. No one can understand me better than my mother and no one can care for me like her. It is rightly said that “ A mother knows is the best and loves us the most”. She can take place of all but none can take her place.

I owe everything thing to my mother who gave me birth, looked after me, taught me, guided me, led me on the right path, sacrificed everything upon me, and never ceased to shower selfless love which enabled me to reach to this position. I live your mother, you are everything to me because I am everything to you. I haven’t held anything better in my hands except your hands. May you live long mom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write an essay about my mother?

First of all add introduction of your mom, than describe her qualities and at the last add a conclusion.

Why do I love my mother?

Because mom always love you in any condition, for mother you are always the best, she always supports and take care of you

Why mother is important in our life?

She gave birth, takes care of us we are important in her life.

What is the role of a mother?

Mother always loves child with all her heart.

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