Essays On Child Labour | Causes, Impacts & Solutions

Child Labor is one of the worst social problems facing most of the countries worldwide. The basic human rights of children are violated severely.

There are many causes of child labor including poverty, illiteracy, injustice etc. Read here Essays, articles, speeches on Child labor, facts and statistics, impacts, possible solutions and remedies of child labor etc.

Essay on Child Labour

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Essays on Child Labor | Major Causes, Impacts & Solutions, Facts | Child Labor Essays for Students

The child labor is very rigorous issue. This issue prevails all across the world. However, the major cases of child labor and violation are reported from Asia and other third world countries. It is the time that we need to take serious steps to curb the menace of child labor in the world.

Child Labour Essay; Causes, Impacts, and solutions

Child Labour is defined as the employment of children often forceful or unreasonable. It is considered as one of the heinous crime. Child Labour is also known as the making children work specially belonging to 8 to 15 years of age.

This is the age of educating them so that they grow and find opportunities to excel in their lives.  Instead of education they are forced to work.  It not only deprive them of their childhood but destroy their whole life.

It is observed that most of the poverty stricken families engage their kids at work to earn in order to meet the necessities and needs of life.

Types and facts about Child Labor

There are two types of child Labour; One is debt bondage child Labour, while second one is children’s employment to supplement family’s income. Sometimes child Labour is practiced to repay the debts of their families from the employer or landlord.

Recently a worldwide report has unveiled that around 218 million children throughout the world ranging from 5 to 15 years of age are employed at work in different sectors. According to world statistics there are about 72.1 million children employed as child Labour.

The regions of Asia and pacific have 62.1 million child labours. Even,  America bears 10.7 million child labours. Furthermore, the countries of  central Asia and Europe have 5.5 million and Arab states 1.2 million child labor respectively.

Major causes of Child Labor

The biggest caused behind the child Labour is the rampant poverty. Poor families are entirely helpless to fulfill their basic requirements.

They are naturally compelled to send their children to work at different sectors. Poverty is the significant driving factor behind the child Labour. Even a united nations agency UNICEF has stated poverty as the biggest cause of child Labour.

Child Labour has grown with the rise of industrial revolution. All industrial societies are also a cause of child Labour growth.  The repression of the rights of children is also a biggest cause of child Labour.

The unemployment is also another cause of child Labour. Lack of proper education is the main factor. There is no free education to poor families.

They can’t afford education expenditure and finally decide to engage their children at work. Unnoticeable social control and limited laws have raised child Labour.

Impacts of Child Labour

Child Labour cuts the growth of children and deprives them of their childhood. In different factories they suffer from many diseases as they are not provided medical aid. They live in unhygienic conditions. Illiteracy leads them to be backward in society. They hardly find any opportunity to succeed in life.

They become victim of leading a solitary life. These children are unable to find an open platform to excel in their lives. It leaves an adverse effects on the lives of children.

This ultimately drags them into uncertainty of life. They hardly find any possibility of progress and betterment in life.  It destroys them physically and mentally.

Children become victims of mental disorders like depression.  Eventually they start using drugs.  Children live under hazardous, non sociable and pathetic conditions of life where there is no hope in life.  It is a biggest barrier to attain social and economic development.

Child labour facts

Way Forward: How to Prevent Child Labour?

In order to eliminate child Labour there is need of formulation and implementation of strict laws. Government must take initiative to punish the perpetrators. If any person or organization is found involved in child Labour they must be imprisoned.

All the sectors where children are employed specially garment industries, brick kilns, fireworks and agricultural sector must be warned and enforced with policies and laws to prevent child Labour.

All competent authorities must have an eye on all sectors.  If ever they find any sector breaking laws enforced to reduce child Labour, it  must be treated accordingly so that this crime could be eliminated.

New laws must be enacted to prohibit engagement of children at work places. As India is exercising two main laws Juvenile Justice, (care and protection) of children Act-2000, and child Labour (prohibition and abolition) Acg-1986. All other laws relating to children are based on these two laws.

Education is the basic right of every children. It must be ensured that all children get education equally. Unions should be organized which visit poor families and establish contract with poor parents to educate their children. The parents also must cooperate for the education of their children.

Child trafficking must be banned in order to help reduce child Labour. It is also necessary to provide employment opportunities to poor families so that they overcome poverty and educate their children their children.


Children are the future of the nation.  All nations must take immediate and urgent actions to eliminate the increasing crime of child Labour to develop and prosper.

Child Labour is an abuse, if this crime will not be controlled and addressed properly it will cause social and economic decline of the nations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the examples of child Labour?
Children under 18 years working in various industries are the best example of child labour
What is child Labour in simple words?
In simple words child Labour refers to children (below 18) works in various industries as a labour.
Where is child labor today?
In these days most of child labour is found in Africa and south asia.
How can we prevent child Labour?
To prevent Child labour we should protest and govt should introduce strict laws against child labour.
What are the reasons for child Labour?
Illiteracy, Unemployment, poverty are the main reasons of child labour.

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