Essay On Global Warming | Causes, Impacts & Solution

Global Warming is a real fact not a fiction anymore. The following article discusses global warming and climate change, green house, its causes & effects discussed in detail.

Global warming short and long essay, Paragraph and speech with causes, effects, prevention and solution easily explained with points, notes, introduction and conclusion for children and students.

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essay on global warming

Global warming Essay; Causes, Effects and solutions

The earth is the inky planet that bears mild temperature, other planets are either very hot or very cold but earth possess mild nature of temperature.

The life on earth is possible with mild nature of temperature, all components of ecosystem are directly or indirectly dependent or interlinked with each other. I

f any positive or negative change is incurred in any one component of environment it affect all components of the ecosystem.

Since the formation of earth many devastating, destructive changes have been brought in all the natural components specially air, water and soil.

In the last decades the average temperature of earth is rising due to various factors, it is called global warming.

Causes of Global Warming

The factors that are contributing increase in the temperature of earth are many. The temperature of the earth is mainly rising due to human activities.

We know that the sun throws radiation on earth, due to negligence and carelessness of humans the sun’s radiations are not reflected back in the space.

There is excess of green house gases in the earth’s atmosphere, excess of green house gases traps the sun’s energy and radiations in the atmosphere earth’s atmosphere which has caused global warming.

We can say that the increasing emission of green house gases into earth’s atmosphere has caused global warming.
The main cause of global warming is the disturbance in the green house effect process. There are various man made and natural factors which disturb the set pattern of green house effect.

There is excessive deposit of green house gases in the atmosphere and the burning of fossil fuels and industrial pollutants have disturbed the balance of green house effect process.

The vehicles that uses fossil fuels like petrol and diesel release smoke and harmonious substances that pollute air.

There is always a war on the planet earth. Tests of nuclear weapons, atomic bombs, explosions, massive fire accidents,

The volcanic eruptions also contribute into global warming, the emission of lava and poisonous gases Sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide and heat and ash make air polluted and increase the temperature of earth.

The volcanos rather enhance global warming by adding excessive CO2 into atmosphere.

Effects of Global Warming

The direct consequences of global warming are altered patterns of agriculture, rising sea levels and glacier retreat while the indirect effects of global warming are extreme weather conditions, drastic economic impact and expansion of several fatal diseases.

The extreme weather conditions cause natural disasters like snow storms, excessive rains, droughts, hurricanes etc occur frequently which not only cause damage but also loss of lives is faced due to disasters.

The inclusion of poisonous gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, Sulphur and ammonia in atmosphere’s air is very harmful for the health of all living forms on the earth.

The harmful gases have disturbed the natural cycle of green house effect. Specially the air pollution is the nerve hurting which is not only fatally dangerous for human health but also detrimental for the atmosphere of earth.

The quality of fresh air is affected due to impurities of gases. Many diseases like allergies, asthma and infectious diseases are caused by global warming.

Specially the cold blooded animals or the animals that rely on cold weather conditions are suffering a lot due to global warming.

Solutions; How to Prevent Global Warming?

As the global warming has become very critical issue, what measures should be taken to stop this carnage.

It is high time to tackle the problems and hindrances that lies in the way of controlling the global warming.

The most important solution to global warming is Introduction of renewable energies like solar, wind and geothermal.

Reducing the consumption of energy and water by using efficient devices like LED bulbs and innovative shower systems.

Sustainable transportation means promoting public transport instead of cars can help reduce level of CO2 in the air.

Stopping deforestation and using natural resources carefully is the call of hour. Recycling is needed to deal with the waste material. Wastes must be recycled.

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