Essay On Importance of Education in Life

It is rightly said that the classroom decides the future of a nation. Education is a certain key to success. Its meaning, purpose, value and importance can be understood from the success of developed countries around the world. Their are countless benefits, advantages of education. Education is an enterprise that is error free, risk free and have no losses at all. We get knowledge, wisdom, maturity, understanding and lead a happy prosperous life with education only.

Therefore, we have tried our best to write detailed essays on importance of education for students and individuals in life. The essays are long and short, simple sentences, with introduction, heading and subheading etc. These essays and speeches are helpful for KG primary, high school and college level students.

essay on importance of education

Importance of Education in Life Essay For Students


Education is one of the most constructive factor of the society. It plays an important role in the progress and prosperity of a nation. Literate and educated people contribute a lot in the prosperity of a nation. Education is the pillar of a sound and stable society.

The Illiteracy, on the other hand,  is opposite of education. Education gives birth to prosperity, success, development and progress while Illiteracy breeds Illiteracy and downfall.

An educated society can nurture its new generation far better than an uneducated one. The youth is the future of a nation. A society where education is valued only. It can produce competent, talented and healthy youth. Therefore, Education is the only weapon that our youth need to have in order to lead the nation.

It is believed that without education one can not can be gifted with vision and insight which is the prime source of success of an individual and a nation on the whole

Benefits of Education for Society

Benefits of Education

Education of youth is as important as soul to body. Lack of education and Illiteracy will push them towards criminal activities. Indulgence in wrong activities will not only affect their lives but also they will become cause of the decline of the nation.

The development and progress of a society and a nation is dependent on education. Only an educated community can lead to better living standards and quality of life. The Educated will work and earn to lead a good life while uneducated won’t be able to earn and educate their youth.  It will cause a havoc in a society.

Education helps maintaining law and order in the country. One who is well trained and educated will fear to break law. They will abide by law.  In this way law and order will be effectively exercised. While uneducated people will not only break law but will boost criminal activities like theft, robbery, murder etc to fulfill their needs.  It will eventually lead to poor law and order in the society.

Sustainable development, implementation of technology and constructive political and social change are possible with education only. Education helps to reform and construct a society.

The Education provides better facilities to an individual to work and excel in life. It leads to a right path and makes one capable of grasping an opportunity to succeed in life. They earn high self esteem and enjoy peaceful and happy life.

The uneducated, on the other hand  become victim of element of inferiority and suffer from sense of insecurity in life.  Education plays an important role in gender equality. In an educated society the element of gender discrimination is not born, both males and females are treated equally.

Equal opportunities are provided to all including women. While in an uneducated society illiterate and ignorant lack such vision and deprive women from their basic rights. Illiterate treat women worse than animals and use them as a boon.

Health is wealth. The  health and hygiene is the symbol of educated people. Educated people all well aware of the importance of their health.  They ensure better health for themselves and their family. On the other hand illiterate lack vision and rarely identify health hazards and live in hazardous and unhygienic environment, they destroy their health which is the most precious gift of God.


On the whole education helps to improve political state of a nation. Educated people choose their representatives very carefully. They never blindly vote to someone to represent them, they visualize the difference between a real and a fake hero and elect one who is capable of holding the reigns of the nation and is capable enough to change the lives of the people.

In contrast to that, illiterate and uneducated people are carried away on the pretexts of the false promises of the leaders and vote them to win.Blindly elected political leaders misuse power and position to satisfy their needs.

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