Essay on Jawaharlal Nehru | Life & Achievements

Jawaharlal Nehru is the Pride of India. The following essay is written in context of life and achievements of Jawaharlal Nehru, his ideology, achievements and services for mother India. This essay & Paragraph is short, brief and written for the help of children & students of primary, high school and college level students.

Essay on Jawaharlal Nehru, His life, achievements & Lessons for Children & Students

Jawaharlal Nehru was the first prime Minister of India. He is known as the founder of modern India and architect of nation. One of the great reformer, thinker and writer of India. He is known for his book of Discovery of India.

He played an important role in the struggle for independence. He was a man of sublime character, strong determination and humanitarian. He died long ago, Indians love and adore him till today.

His early life and achievements.

He was born on 14th November 1889 at Allahabad India. His father’s name was MotiLal Nehru, his father was a barrister.

His father lost his first wife, he was born from his second wife named as Swarup Rani. He lost his first son from his wife, Nehru was his second son from his second wife. The Nehrus are called pandits.

Nehru received his early education in his native city, and also got English classes from different tutors at home and was sent to England for higher studies. He studied law and got degree in law at England and returned to India. He loved his soil and wanted to serve his people.

He was highly influenced by Mahatma Gandhi, he joined the freedom movement and worked for the independence of India with Gandhi. He also believed in truth and non-violence. In 1929 he became the president of Indian National Congress.

He worked day and night for the betterment of Indians, he fought for the independence of India. When India got independence and became a sovereign state, he became the first prime Minister of India. He served as a prime Minister from 1947 to 1964.

He was man of lofty ideals, he believed in democracy, he introduced democracy in the nation and laid a strong foundation of India.

He created unity, harmony and peace in entire state and united people. He believed in brotherhood and unity. He wanted peaceful coexistence in the state.

He didn’t believe in fight or arms, he supported disarmament. He loved humanity, he served whole mankind.

He died on 27th May 1964, he died in harness,never wasted even a single moment of his life. His whole life was devoted to the cause of nation.

Years have gone to his death yet Indians praise and adore his ideas. He was not born great but he achieved greatness by his vision, honesty, sincerity and intellectual power. It is reported to have said by him that “Idleness is unlawful”. He didn’t believe in rest, he preferred work over rest.

He is no more among us but his rich heritage in the form of planning and development will never cease to exist in India. He created social justice and peace among people.

During his service as a prime minister of the state he built many industrial, Agricultural and power projects. He established educational institutions, medical facilities and technical sectors in India and brought a huge progress in the nation.

He was the man of vision and insight. He envisioned India as a great state on the globe of the word. He set up national planning commission in India to bring prosperity in the country, later he introduced national development counsel to take nation towards progress and betterment.

He was the leader of masses, he loved Indians equally and people loved him too. He was a staunch socialist and advocator of peace and brotherhood.

He cultivated seed of unity among all Indians. He liked and loved children, often he used to talk and play with children. He regarded children as the real wealth of the nation. His date of birth is celebrated as the children’s day throughout India. The kids of India lovingly call him chacha Nehru.

Besides as a great politician and diplomat, he was a great writer, orator, idealist and planner. In the political hierarchy of India, Nehru is next to Gandhi. Indeed he was the great administrator and the leading freedom fighter of India.


Jawaharlal Nehru was the jewel of India. He was one of the greatest leaders of history. His actions, ideas and visionary leadership had thoroughly changed the Indian history and laid the foundation of a true democratic Indian Nation on the map of World.

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