Leave Application for family function | One, Half Day

Leave application is in need when we need leave from our school or office, for certain work. Writing a Leave application is not that difficult, here are some samples of leave application for family function. Let’s check.

leave application for family function

I have written some examples for students and workers.

One Day Leave Application for Family Function


The Principal

[Your School]

Sub:- One Day Leave for family function

Respected sir,

With due respect & politely, I Ms / Mr.[Your Name] studying in the class [Your Class] wants to convey to you that tomorrow I cannot attend my class as there is an important family function.

Therefore, please grant me leave for 1 day i.e. [Date]


Thanking you

Yours sincerely

[Your Name] [Class – Section]

Half Day Leave Application for family function

The Principal,
[Your School / College]

Reg: Requisition for leave.


I kindly request you to grant me leave for half day to attend to an important function at home. Please grant me on [Date]

Thanking you
Your sincerely,
[Your Name]

Leave application email for family function

Dear Sir,
The purpose of writing this email is to submit my request for half day leave for today. I will be available at work till 12 p.m. today as I have to attend a family function at my home. It is urgent and I cannot reschedule it.
Therefore, I request you to please approve my half day leave application. I will be extremely thankful to you for considering my application
[Your Name] [Position] [Company]


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