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The family is the basic social institution in our life. It is the strongest, vital and most important pillar of society. Since, the family is the basic unit of society. Therefore, a well established family signifies a healthy society where everyone discharges his duties accordingly.

My Family

I belong to the most respected middle class family. My parents are well educated, responsible and honorable members of our society. My father is the doctor whereas, my mother is professor. Among the other member of family, I have one elder brother, one elder sister, and one younger brother. We all are pursuing education.

My younger brother is studying Information technology at a renowned institute, whereas, my elder sister is the student of medical. I am studying in Class 9th whereas, my younger brother is the student under 5th standards.

We all family members live with peace, love and harmony. Our grand parents and my two uncles sometimes visit us at our home. During the vacation period we often plan a family trip outside of our city. It brings a lot fun and entertainment for us. We patiently wait for it every year.

My family is a respectable and responsible family. We all love our parents, follow a strict discipline at our home. Our parents are our role model. They have taught us the lessons of integrity, dedication, sincerity, honor and commitment to the tasks.

My mother is the perfect example of dedication and time management. She not only discharges her duties but also fulfills our family needs as well. She has perfectly managed everything. Our father is our pride. Being a good doctor, he has always preferred to work for humanity and love for his profession.

A perfect family plays a vital role in the development of our personality. It teaches us good lessons and help refine our morality and character building. The values of truth, sincerity, respect and love for others etc are inculcated into the behavior and character of adults by the family. It is truly said that a good character reflects a sound socialization by a good family.

A good family background influences our education and learning outcomes. It is truly said that an educated family brings more educated minds ahead. Being a member of an educated family where everyone loves knowledge and education, I feel myself truly blessed. There is a sense of responsibility, dignity, decency and disciplined environment in our house.


The family is an essential social unit of our life. It is the base of society that helps a society and a nation to grow and get stronger in all the domains of life. I feel myself blessed to have such a lovely, caring and kind family. I love my family, and wish everyone to have such wonderful family beside.


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