Essay On My Favorite Teacher For Students

My teacher is my mentor. He is kind, cooperative, helper and in fact a great role model. I have written beautiful essays, Paragraphs and some beautiful lines on my favorite teacher, his good qualities and reason why I like him most.

My Teacher Essays | Essays on My Favorite Teacher For Children & Students

A teacher is the builder of a nation. The best teachers are the gift for a nation. They help build the society and a nation. That’s to say, that the favorite teachers are the identity of a nation. The following essays & paragraphs talk about the teacher, role and importance in life.

These essays are simple, easy to understand, short and long and are helpful for Ukg Kids, class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10th and college level students. Read my teacher essays with heading, introduction,quotes and Info graphs for students.

My Favorite Teacher

Short Essay & Paragraph on My Favorite Teacher For Students

Every teacher is important and equally loved and respected by the students. My favorite teacher is sir Manesh Kumar. He is enthusiastic and always motivate us to do our best in the study. No one feels boring in his class, as he make some fun also. He never looks serious, as he has a smiling face.

He never makes partiality between weak and brilliant students in the class. He is very encouraging teacher. There hadn’t been a moment, not that I remember when he has hesitated even a bit while answering a question. Every student praises and respects him. He treats all students with great humility and mildness.

Apart form studies he also helps us to solve the problems other than the study. He teaches us respecting elders and always to behave in a polite manner. He never discriminate among his students.

As a gardener, the teacher not only nurtures the pupils as plants but also gives them the fragrance of virtues by making them grow into a better personality. The teacher is similar to the Potter who when making an earthen pot handles it with one hand and give it shape with other hand.

Similarly teachers also shape us with amalgam of fear and discipline so that we can move towards a better future. It is the teacher who make us livable in the society and develops the capacity to think and understand.

10 Lines Short Essay on My Favorite Class Teacher

Ten lines on my favorite teacher

1) My favorite teacher is sir Nikkil Kumar,  He is very strict however very funny and caring.

2) He is very disciplined and punctual teacher.

3) He is always composed, Co-operative in nature.

4) He has an excellent academic knowledge and superb teaching skills.

5) Moreover he has this unusual ability to treat all students equally.

6) In spite of the subject, he teaches us good ethics and etiquette.

7) He has a great affection for his students.

8) He teaches us to never become hopeless in different situations.

9) He has always advised and taught us to think positively.

10) He supports some weak students by giving them over time outside the class.


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