Best Selected Paragraphs on My School Topic For Students

The importance of my school can not described in few words short essay, paragraph, speech on in few lines. My School is really one of the famous schools of the town. It has dedicated headmaster, sincere teachers, cooperative class fellows and lovely environment.

paragraph on my school

Below here, we have written Paragraph on My School Topic for children and Students ukg kids, class 1,2,3,4,,56,7,8,9,10th level students. These short essays and paragraphs are simple, easy, pdf download, for primary, middle or high school students with outline
quotes and images.

1. Paragraph on My School For Students

School is a place where one starts the journey of learning. It is a place to assimilate and accumulate knowledge and use it productively to become capable and equipped enough to work, to be good citizen and to become a good human.

My school is Grand City Public School.  it is five kilometers away from my home. I daily go to my school by bus. I wake up early in the morning, take breakfast and pack my books in bag and rush to school. When I enter in my school I pray to God to increase in my knowledge. As I daily go there with the intention of learning something new.

I always try to reach in assembly, where all students of the school belonging to different classes stand in rows active and alert. Sometimes I participate in assembly rituals. Our teachers suggest us different topics to present in assembly. I never hesitate to present formal speech on different topics in assembly.

Our teachers inspire and encourage us to come forward and to become bold enough to speak fluently in front of teachers and students. The uniform of my school is very smart. It has white shirt and blue paint with a blue tie bearing the monogram of our school.

Early in the morning at the time of assembly the uniform of all students is checked. The teachers punish us if our uniform is dirty. We keep our uniform neat and spotlessly clean. When all students stand in assembly they all look same and United.

My school is very big, it has many classrooms. There is a play ground and a big library. There are science and computer labs in my school where we are taught to have practical work. There is a small garden where I see flowers bloom and green trees which make me fresh and energetic.

We are taught different subjects at our school. There is a specialized teacher for each subject. The main subjects taught at my school are English, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Ethics and some languages.

Our teachers are very co-operative, loving and caring. They give us motherly love and care while teaching. They treat us as their own kids. They not only teach us subjects but teach us to be good son, good citizen and a good human being. Our teachers are very kind, no corporal punishment is given to students.

Our teachers lay emphasis on discipline and punctuality. Many curricular and extra curricular activities are organized in our school, I participate in various sports, music and debate events.

The principal of our school is very strict. He possess superb decorum and always insist us to develop our personality. He is very decent from all point of views. His personality inspire and motivate us to learn and to be more.

On the whole the environment of my school is very touching. All students and teachers are very friendly. Not only in class but out of class we learn a lot in our school. I love my school excessively.

2. My School Paragraph for Class 6,7 & 8th Class Students

School is the holy place where one get education and learns the skills necessary for success. Knowledge is the power, that very power is bestowed at office.

I study in county Cambridge school Delhi. It is very big and is famous in whole city. There are more than 30 teachers in my school. All teachers are very competent and experienced.

There is best teaching faculty in my school. All teachers teach very well. I understand all subjects well and have developed interest in those subjects which were hard to me.

I didn’t like mathematics earlier but since my admission here I have developed interest in mathematics because our mathematics teachers made me curious and motivated me to learn it.

Now I can solve all types of sums. I study in class 8th. In my class there are 25 students. We all help one another in studies. The extraordinary students help dull and weak students.

We are taught several subjects at our school.  For each subject there are special teachers for every grade. All teachers of my school are very hardworking. Along with curricular activities, our teachers organize extra-curricular activities like sports days, debates and quiz competitions to boost our potential.

All teachers treat students equally.  They never discriminate among rich and poor students.  All students are equal in their eyes. Teachers play an important role in the betterment of school.  In my school all appointed teachers are very kind and cooperative.

In our campus there are fully furnished classrooms. A fully air-conditioned large library where all types of books are present. The library is very big.  It can accommodate more than 200 students at a time.

To entertain and facilitate kids there is a large playground where children play happily. There are science labs in my school where science teachers teach practically.

The most notable point of my school is that it offer stipends and scholarships to poor students. Few students belong to  poor and low income families. They have been offered free admission and fee concession as well to help support their education.

3. My school Paragraph For Class 3,4 & 5th Students

An educational institution is called a school where one is admitted to learn. Schools are considered prior to tertiary education system of college or university, school is where one get primary and secondary education.

I am getting my primary education in the city school Delhi. My school was founded 40 years ago. I have came to know that since last four decades my school is rendering quality education and has produced many doctors and engineers.

My school is a higher secondary school. It is very big and is spread in two acres of land. The three storied building of my school is matchless in whole city. My school welcome kids of poor families.

It offer scholarships and full and half fees. Not only my school offers free admission but also provide books, bags and stationery to deserved and needy students

Unlike many other private schools, my school is funded by noble class because it offer free education to poor children who are the future of nation.

All facilities are provided to students for learning.  The teachers of my school are very helpful in nature. They pay special attention to weak students. They motivate and encourage them to learn and make us curious for learning.

In my school those who are interested in games like cricket, badminton and football, for them good grounds are available. There is a large badminton ground, a computer lab and a library.

All national and cultural events are celebrated in my school with great enthusiasm and we keep our school neat and clean.

Cleanliness is the identity of my school.  There are lush green gardens where colorful flowers present eye-catching view. I love my school, my teachers and all students who study in my school because we are like a big family.

4. Short Paragraph on My School for Ukg, Class 1 Students

School is the most sacred place on the mother earth. It is a place where one get education and is trained to face the world. I study oxford kindergarten school Delhi. My school is very big.  It is the  two storied building with thirty classrooms.

In my school there are about 1200 students. It provide education from KG and Nursery to 5th class. Our campus is called junior Oxford kindergarten branch. Near to our branch there is senior branch of school where from 6th to 10th class education is given.

In my school there is a big ground where we all gather for assembly daily early in the morning. Our teachers are very affectionate, caring and kind.

Our teachers not only teach us books but they teach us to obey parents,respect elders and to be a good citizen. I have many friends at school.  Most of them are my classmates. I play and lunch with them during break time.

Our sports teacher entertains us and teach us how to play outdoor games. He encourages us to participate in games as the good source of exercise and fitness.

Apart from it there is a computer lab where our computer teachers teach us how to use computer and work on it.
There is a large green garden in our campus.

It is full of colorful flowers and green plants. My school is the best school in whole city because we all live in school like a family. We help and support one another in hard times.

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