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My Self Essays |About Myself Essays for Children & Students, Myself Speeches, Quotes, Info-graphs

Have you every tried to write about Myself or my self essay writing in an exam? You must have noticed that it is easy to write about myself essay only  with practice and without which you can’t write it. The following essays & speeches have been written for children & students.

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about myself essay

1. Myself Essay For High School & College Level Students

My name is Mahesh Shukla. I am the first child to my parents. I have three brothers and three sisters. I am the elder one among my brothers and sisters. Therefore, all responsibilities of the family lie on my shoulders.

I am 20 years old and studying  at Imperial College of Modern Sciences. I am a self-driven and a self-motivated student. Once my father said to me that “Education is the most powerful weapon, one can conquer all hurdles of life using knowledge”.

I used to take very little interest in my studies, in my early days.  My parents used to motivate and encourage me to study but I never understood their cry for my bright future. As it is said that time is the healer and it teaches lessons which none can teach.

Once I was degraded in front of my father because of lack of interest in studies. My near relatives used to project dislike for me as I was the only child in their eyes who showed zero interest in studies.  When people started to disrespect my father and family, declaring us illiterate and ignorant, my inner conscience couldn’t face such severe criticism and degradation.

I pledged with myself that come what may I would study every waking moment to make my parents respected in the eyes of people.

I started to read books, with the passage of time reading became my hobby. My curiosity for reading never ceased. it grew and grew and enriched my mind with priceless pearls of knowledge.

My most absorbing hobby of reading books benefited me a lot in my studies. Unlike many other students I love nature. I wonder watching at plants, animals and birds.Specially during summer and winter vacations I try to establish contact with nature and enjoy being in close communion with nature.

All natural objects touch my soul. Natural beauty is the driving force of my intellectual growth. I love not only watching and observe natural beauty but learn the natural cycle of world.

Many topics like water cycle, food chain, kinds and types of plants and animals etc became very clear due to close communion with nature. Nature is next to mother.  It nurtures and nourishes us.

I love and respect my teachers. I owe everything to them because they not only teach us books but teach us to respect elders, to speak truth and to live happy and make others happy. Their loving and caring nature and their motherly love makes me spell bound to praise and respect them excessively.

Their greatness lies in us. We students are their achievements.  In free time I play football. it keeps me active and energetic. Playing games is good for health and fitness.I go out in garden with friends and play football with them.

I have many friends but I share my secrets and feelings only with some. All are not intimate and close friends. I seek their help when I face any difficulty. During exams I call and invite some classmates for group study. We study together and each one another to understand the topics.

I study regularly and complete my homework on time. I dislike procrastinating and leaving any work for the next day. What ever is taught and assigned to do, I do on regular basis. One of my teacher said that regularity leads to success. I have made my habit to work regularly and fear to miss even a single day.

I take care of my health. I keep myself clean and tidy and avoid playing in dirt and dust. I eat healthy foods like fruits and green leafy vegetables and drink fresh juices of fruits. A healthy body is the sign of healthy mind. My good health enables me to study regularly and to do all works effectively.

My parents are my world. They educated me and always encouraged me. They never ignored my feelings and always protected me and helped me when I needed their help and protection. My mother always pray for my success. I help my mother in house chores and always obey my father.

My parents have taught me moral values, ethics of life and etiquette to be a good and responsible student and a useful citizen. I being a student love to participate in inter-school competitions, in curricular and extra curricular activities. I enjoy cultural activities and enjoy national and international events and celebrations.

Short Essay & Paragraph on Myself For Students

I, being a human always try to beautify my existence with humane attributes.I love simplicity and preach it too. I wake up early in the morning an finish up all of my doings on exact time.

It is true to say that a child becomes what the environment he gets in his home. All the essential qualities like sincerity, truth, honesty and dedication, I do experience practically at home.

A man without a sound career planning is like a ship without radar. I have planned and dreamed to be civil servant to materialize the dreams of my parents and to serve my people and country in my best capacity. I regard the life as a blessing gift to humanity. I deem my parents as being my best mentors.

I have learnt the real meaning and worth of life from my parents. Being the eldest son Iam the most responsible from my brothers and sisters. Honesty, dedication, sincerity and humbleness are the virtues one learns during his childhood life with family, friends and at his school.

I have learnt a lot form my parents, relatives and parents. I have keen interest in English and history. I am fond of books, reading books makes me happy. I am very kind and cooperative son of my parents.

10 Lines Essay on Myself For Students

10 Lines Essay on Myself

1) I am a human, I myself am humble, kind and caring boy.

2) Hailing from a middle class family, I am  Vijesh Mohit

3) My father is a primary teacher, he is dedicated in his profession.

4) My mother is a housewife, who is always engaged in house chores.

5) We are seven brothers and sisters among our parents and grandparents.

6) I am the eldest of my four brothers and three sisters.

7) I love time management and discipline in life.

8) My life is full of experiments and achievements, there are success and failures also in my life.

9) Yet I continue to update myself to be the better version of myself.

10) My father and mother have been much source of encouragement and motivation to me.

Paragraph About Myself For Children & Students

I am a human, as a human is the Supreme creature of God. On the surface of earth there are millions of species and creatures, among all the most blessed at humans who are bestowed with intellect and reasoning. It is the mind and rationality which distinguish human from rest of the creature.

A human is known with his faculty of reasoning. I being a human, I am humble, polite, honest and disciplined. Kindness and compassion makes me a good human.

My name is Raju, I am 25 years old. I belong to a middle class family. My father is a teacher. I am the eldest son to my father, there are nine members in my family.

My mother is a house wife. I have two younger brothers and two younger sisters. I am the apple of my father’s eyes. Both my parents and grandparents love me a lot.

My father is my best friend and my guide. He being a teacher enriches my mind with precious information and knowledge. I believe knowledge is the key to success and the most important tool to succeed in life.

Knowledge is the third eye of man, it opens the locks of rationality and sharpens the intellect. I try to collect knowledge from my father. Sometimes he speaks pearls of wisdom.

I personally believe in hard work and struggle. I aspire to be a doctor because it is a good profession. It is my goal and ambition in life to serve humanity.

Life without purpose is useless and meaningless. I want to give meaning to my life by serving poor and needy. If I will become a doctor I will treat poor patients voluntarily and will charge no fees to those who can’t afford it.

The ideas of my father and my great legendary figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Abdul Kalam etc have taught me a lesson that service of humanity must be the prime objective of life.

In the light of all lessons that I have learnt and ideas that I was influenced from, I have decided to be a doctor and serve humanity.

I respect my teachers, my elders, my parents and my friends. I love and care all who are associated with me. I am fond of reading and writing. Writing is my absorbing passion. I ask my father to not give or gift me anything else except books.

On my birthdays my father gift me books and on the occasion of my birthday he ask me complete all gifted books by next year. My father and my mother are my real strength and my guide. They have always encouraged and helped through thick and thin.

I not only take interest in curricular activities like participating in speech competitions, debate competitions and quiz competitions but I like sports too. I play different games, my favorite game is cricket. I play and watch live cricket matches.

Speech About Myself For Students

Today I will talk about myself. As we all know that our aptitude of interests, liking and disliking differ, everyone has got own likes and dislikes.

It is not necessary that I like and do what you like and do. If something influences and inspires me might it not influence and inspire you.

I am very inspired and motivated by my father who is a civil servant in the police department. I also want to be a civil servant in police department of our country.

When I will become police officer I will serve people in my best capacity. Serving people is tantamount to serving nation.

Let me tell you our future is determined by what you do today and what try to achieve today, our today’s efforts and struggles are counted, present is the best time. I strongly believe that each and every day that passes is a brick, all these bricks constitute our future.

I don’t like in day dreaming only. One must have vision and future planning to achieve desired destination in life.

I believe failures are the pillars of success. I never lose heart at my failures. Life is the name of ups and downs, there are failures and success. I believe one must try and put forth trials to succeed in any field. If one doesn’t succeed in one attempt, must try again.

Someone has said that say naught the struggles not avail. I know if not today, my struggles and efforts will bear fruitful result tomorrow. I never quit struggle and effort because I believe that future is manifestation of what I do and achieve today.

My parents and my teachers are my strength. They have always encouraged and motivated me to do more. Whatever I have achieved and reached at this stage it is all because of my parents and teachers.

As I told you my father is my true inspiration, I have been in his company since my childhood. He has trained and groomed me like himself and have inculcated all moral teachings and values of life.

I am very careful to my health, health is the wealth. A sound body gives a sound mind. I do regular exercises and play outdoor games to keep myself fit and fine.

I use my time productively because time is the most useful and precious commodity. One who wastes time wastes everything.

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