Pollution Essay | Types, Causes & Impacts For Students

Pollution is dangerous problem that our earth is facing today. 10 Lines, more sentences, short essays and Paragraphs on Pollution, its types like environmental pollution, water pollution, land pollution, air pollution, noise pollution etc. These short essays and paragraphs are written for Ukg kids, class 1& students in simple, easy and short sentences.

pollution essay

Essay on Pollution; Types, Causes & Impacts For Students


Pollution is defined as the contamination of the environment by harmful substances. The substances that pollute environment are called pollutants. All types of pollutants contaminate the natural surroundings, disturbs the balance of ecosystem, affects the normal lifestyle, gives birth to several illnesses and cause global warming.All these issues are caused by pollution.

The bounties of the mother nature are wasted by human activities. The development and growth in the field of science and technology has benefited human potentials and human lives but people have become prisoners of their own creations. Not only humans but all living forms are at risk due to increasing rate of pollution.

There are many types, Causes and impacts of pollution. It is very significant to know all types, Causes and impacts to find solutions to control this global issue of pollution.

1. Air Pollution

Air pollution is one of the deadliest form of pollution. It is caused by the smoke, dust and harmful gases. Human activities have made air contaminated and the survival of all living beings have become difficult on earth.

Causes of Air Pollution

Specially the burning of fossil fuels, mining operations, exhaust from industries and factories, Agricultural activities and combustion of methane gas are the major air pollutants. Every day tons of chemical substances are added into air due to wanton activities of humans. The deforestation is the most significant cause of air pollution. Trees purify the air and cleanse the impurities of air but trees and forests are cleared away so air pollution is increasing.

Effects of Air pollution.

It has left very alarming effects on the health of humans. Many respiratory diseases and heart problems are caused by air pollution. Apart form it acid rains and global warming are product of air pollution. Air pollution has depleted the ozone layer.

Solutions; How to Prevent Air Pollution?

Air pollution can be controlled by planting new trees and saving the trees. Save trees to Save life on earth. Air pollution can be controlled by reducing the use of vehicles. Instead of using cars and motor bikes adopt public mode of transportation. Use of bio-fuels like CNG and biogas can help prevent air pollution.

2. Soil Pollution

The presence of toxic chemicals, contaminants and pollutants in the soil is called soil pollution.

Causes of Soil Pollution

The soil pollution is mainly caused by industrial activities, dumping of waste disposal, improper agricultural activities, acid rains and oil spill.

Effects of Soil Pollution

The fertilizers and pesticides used in excess destroy the fertility of soil. All pollutants have made soil infertile and barren and fertility is lost. The soil pollution affects the wildlife, plants, animals and humans. The quality of ground water is also affected by soil pollution. It lowers the water table underground.

How to Stop Soil Pollution?

To help stop land and soil pollution we all need to work individually, we must buy biodegradable products which can be recycled easily. There must be recycling of inorganic materials. The use of pesticides and insecticides must be reduced. Along with public awareness programs there is need of Anti-Littering campaigns to let people know the ill effects of Littering.

3. Water Pollution

Water is the vital natural resource of humanity. The addition of harmful substances pollute the water. We are polluting water without thinking of this precious resource. Harmful substances make water unusable.

Causes of water pollution.

The key causes of water pollution are industrial wastes that reach water bodies, accidental oil leakage, marine dumping, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, animal waste, sewage, radioactive wastes and urban development. Apart from it there is wastage of water. Water is wasted uselessly.

Effects of water pollution.

All living forms on earth are suffering from many water borne diseases. Dirty and polluted water cause diarrhea, indigestion, cholera and many other ailments. Due to water pollution there is scarcity of pure, fresh water. Millions around the world don’t have availability of fresh water for drinking and cooking purpose. The agricultural activities are also affected by the shortage of water.

Solutions of Water Pollution

The most effective solution of water pollution is to aware people and to make them realize the importance of this natural resource. Generating consciousness among masses will help save water.

There must be ban on the disposal of harmful materials and industrial waste into the water bodies. The high ups must ensure the check and balance on the water bodies to protect and save water.

4. Light Pollution 

The excessive illumination in any area is called light pollution. The artificial lights in excess cause light pollution.

Impacts of Light Pollution

The ecosystem is disrupted due to light pollution. Many living creatures are suffering because of light pollution. The routinely life of many mammals, amphibians, insects, birds and plants is destroyed due to light pollution. Light pollution destroy nitrate radicals that help the dispersion of smog. It make smog more worse.

Solutions of Light Pollution

Light pollution can be controlled by using artificial light little, artificial bulbs and lights must be lit when necessary. Unnecessary illumination of houses and buildings must be banned.

5. Noise Pollution

The presence of unpleasant sounds in the environment cause Noise pollution.

Causes of Noise Pollution

It is mainly caused by industrialization, household chores, social events, transportation and construction activities. The main cause of noise pollution is the ignorance and unawareness among people. They deliberately ring horns of vehicles and use generators and machines which produce sounds.

The loudspeakers and civil engineering works produce too much unpleasant sounds which cause disturbance in the lives of humans and animals.

Effects of Noise Pollution

Noise pollution leads to hearing problems, it causes partial deafness, it causes sleeping disorders, many health issues specially cardiovascular issues are caused by noise pollution. Noise pollution also cause trouble in communication.

Many animals have become victim of loss of hearing due to noise pollution. Noise pollution has left many psychological negative impacts on humans. Impaired hearing and deafness is increasing among people. Noise pollution causes annoyance which results in blood pressure variations which can lead to coronary diseases.

How to Prevent Noise Pollution

Noise pollution can be controlled by enacting law or legislation against those who produce unwanted sounds in the environment. All the factories and industries must be established away from residential areas and airports and bus stands also be kept away from areas where people live.

6. Radioactive Pollution.

The presence of radioactive substances in the environment is called radioactive pollution.

Causes and impacts.

It is caused by improper transport of radioactive chemicals, all nuclear power plants are the house of radioactive pollution. Those who work in power plants should handle radioactive material with good care because the radiations can destroy the cells and cause immediate death.

Radioactive substances trigger mutations in the genetic materials of living organisms which leads to cancer.

7. Plastic Pollution

The accumulation of plastic in the environment is called plastic pollution.

Impacts of Plastic Pollution

Plastic is a non-biodegrade substance which is very harmful for all living forms. Plastic waste generated in the world has destroyed marine ecosystem.

8. Visual Pollution

All humans and animals too loves to see clean and green spaces and beautiful Vista which attract eyes. Unfortunately the greenery is lost, all forests cleared away to make roads and to establish factories and industries and to spread the network of electric wires. There is garbage and trash all around.

Impacts of Visual Pollution

The visual pollution leaves devastating impacts on the psychology of humans. It causes diversity in opinions and cause eye fatigue.


Pollution is one of the biggest problems caused by human activities. It is high time to take notice of this problem and work collectively to combat this issue. Pollution is addressed widely by environmentalists, we all must also participate in the campaigns to stop pollution.

All components of environment like Air, Water, soil etc are essential ingredients of life.All living forms on earth need pollution free environment to live. The future of all living organisms is at risk due to pollution.

Short Essay & Paragraph on Pollution For Children & Students

It is evident that our wanton activities have polluted environment. Toxic substances in our environment have diminished the purity of air, water and land. The main factors leading to environmental pollution are human generated.

Pollution is the most immediate threat to our environment and has became a global issue. There are a number 9f human induced activities those pollute the natural resources like air, water and soil. The air in cities is choked with toxic carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases.

Humans have invented automobiles, set up factories, cut down forests to make way for roads, littering waste disposal in water bodies, these are the very activities of humans that has spread pollution and caused global warming. Pollution is a big threat to whole world.

Ten Lines on Pollution For Children

1. Pollution means contaminating the environment’s air, water and all natural resources.

2. Pollution causes discomfort and harm to humans and all living organisms.

3. We humans are polluting environment.

4. Smoke of factories and mills pollute air.

5. Oil tankers pollute water.

6. Unnecessary loud horns of vehicles cause sound pollution.

7. Pollution of all kinds is the greatest threat to humanity.

8. Dreadful diseases like cancer, asthmatic are spreading due to pollution.

9. Cutting down of trees is a big cause of pollution in our environment.

10. Pollution has caused imbalance in our environment.


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