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The earth is our mother. It gives us life, environment, and nature with all its beauty. Read Short essays and Paragraphs on Mother earth in 10 lines, more sentences, short essays 1 or 2 minutes speech, introduction, outline, quotes, images for children and students of Ukg class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10th and high school students.

save earth essay

Short Essay on Save Earth for Kg Class 1 Student

As we know that earth is home to thousands of life forms. Earth is losing its equilibrium because of our activities. Life on earth is disturbed, some life forms are becoming extinct. Many natural systems that sustain life on earth have been badly affected.

Clearing natural habitats of wildlife has made animals suffer and die. Air and water pollution on earth is causing threat to millions of life forms including man. If we want to protect human race and other life forms, we must protect our mother earth first.

Life is only possible when we will safeguard earth from degradation. We can save earth by planting trees, reducing excessive use of vehicles and saving natural resources present on earth.

Ten Lines on Save Earth For Students

1. Earth is our planet and our home.

2. All life on earth is getting affected due to man’s wanton activities.

3. All forms of life are in danger.

4. Global warming and climate change are threats to life on earth.

5. We can protect life by protecting our planet earth.

6. We should stop deforestation.

7. We should avoid dumping of domestic and industrial garbage.

8. We can save earth by planting trees.

9. Air and water is our means of survival on earth.

10. Air pollution, water pollution and land degradation on earth are big threats to life on earth.

Paragraph on Save Earth For Students

The Earth is the dwelling place of all living organisms including plants and animals. The current condition of environment suggests that the environment can not withhold pollution any more. Due to urbanization, industrialization and deforestation the natural beauty of earth is lost.

We all are responsible to save and maintain the natural beauty of earth. All individuals must take strict measures to stop deforestation, forests balances the natural ecosystem.

Earth is thus our home and home to billions of species, we must save it otherwise life will be lost. Due to deforestation and global warming life is in danger, the natural system of earth is at risk.

We can save Earth by saving its natural resources like Air, Water and land. There is mass level of water pollution, air pollution and land pollution. Both aquatic and terrestrial animals are in danger due to increasing environmental pollution.

Trees and forests maintain the ecological equilibrium and regulate the temperature of earth. The protection of earth is only possible through Plantation.

We must avoid use of plastic bags and plastic products. Say no to pollution and plant trees and stop deforestation. Let’s aware people and ask others to save Earth. The root cause behind the degradation of environment and earth is the ignorance of men.

In the search of progress men have forgot the importance of earth and its resources. Man made activities are major cause of destruction of environment. Every individual must plant trees to Save Earth from more destruction and save trees to Save Earth.

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