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The girl child is an important pillar of a developed society. The rights, role and responsibilities of women/girls in the development of country is of high importance. The movements like bet bachao beti pardhao, girls education, save girl child are of essential importance.

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save girl child

Save Girl Child Essay


Girl child is a blessing. There are some societies where gender discrimination exits till today. Uneducated and illiterate people do not know that girls are equally important for the social equilibrium. In many societies it is observed that women enjoy less rights as compared to men.

Women are considered inferior to men and are treated unfairly. Instead of providing basic rights to women and girls they are degraded, the rate of sexual harassment rape, gender discrimination, female foeticide and dowry death is increasing. There is increasing female foeticide and girls dropout rate in schools, colleges and universities in many countries.

Unfortunately the potential and creative abilities of women and girls are wasted. Due to old dated customs and traditions they are used as tools to cook, wash and do domestic chores.

It is very important to equalize women with men, girls with boys. They must be protected, provided basic rights like proper education, proper health care and proper attention. There must be gender equality in the society so that girls get chance to succeed and excel in life. Due to inequality and discrimination girls and women are leading a miserable life.

Many countries have taken initiatives and steps running several schemes and movements to save and protect girl child.All countries are collectively working to improve the status of girls in the society by empowering adolescent girls through education and has spread equal gender rights. Specially in India in 2015 a scheme named as “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” means save girl child and educate girl child was launched in order to empower girl and to eliminate gender inequality.

This scheme of prime Minister is a good step to ensure equal rights to women.  Education is the only weapon that can help eliminate gender inequality, improve the status of girl can empower them to face the challenges of life. The decreasing female literacy ratio is downfall of new generation of girls.

It is high time to aware people to save girl child. Girl child is entirely unsafe inside and outside the womb of Mother. She is ruled by the men whom she gives birth. She is made a matter of shame and is disrespected even by the parents.

Girl child is considered a burden, they either abort or kill them in infancy or make them suffer while life. Around 1400 years ago, it had been a custom to bury alive girls in Arab community. With the advent of Islam and spread of knowledge this custom was buried.

Status of women was raised and they were bestowed with all basic rights lead happy, peaceful and prosperous life. Unfortunately that same tradition is being followed these days. Men have got Supremacy over women. The violation of the rights of women and girls is the most discussed issue of the world.

Government must ban gender-selective abortions of female fetus and ban all crimes against girl child. There must be law to punish those who kill girl child. Those involved in female foeticide must be treated accordingly so that girl child get equal rights at home and out of the home. The government of India has banned the sex determination through ultrasound in hospitals. It has reduced the rate of female foeticide which was a big issue.


Girl child must be saved because they are less competent or capable than boys. They can work like boys and can be responsible to their family and country. All girls of today are mothers of tomorrow. If they will be respected, cared, and treated fairly today, they will make us respected and honored tomorrow.

Girls are the only medium of existence of human race. The continuity of human race on earth is with these girls whom we degrade and treat unfairly. Save girls because they are equally participate in the development and progress of the society and nation.

Beti bachao beti padhao yojana


The BETI BACAHO BETI PADHAO YOJANA is a campaign of Indian government. The wordy meaning of this scheme is “Save the daughter, educate the daughter”. This campaign aim to save girl child and educate girl child all over the India. This campaign was initiated on 22nd January 2015 at panipat.

It is a tri-ministerial program, three ministries of India are involved in the propagation of this campaign. The three ministries include Women and child Development, Health and Family welfare and Human Resource Development. The BHARATIYA JANAT PARATY has formed the national executive committee of this campaign across the country. This campaign is also supported by the Indian Medical Association.

There are two reasons behind the initiation of this program they are Lowering child sex ratio and curbing the crime against women. There was a huge drop in the female population of India because of abortion of female foeticide and discrimination against girl infants.

The sex selective abortion of female fortitude is strictly banned and prohibited throughout the India. The reduction of the female population in many Indian states was worsening and ratio of women in the last two census  dropped significantly. Specially in the national census of 2011 women ratio declined largely.

This campaign is full fledged supported throughout the India, it covers all states of India.

Main objectives of Beti bachao beti padhao yojana 

Three primary objectives of this campaign are as under.

  1. Prevention of female infanticide
  2. Developing new schemes to ensure that every girl child is secured and protected.
  3. Providing quality education to every girl child.

In last ten decades social abuses and orthodox rituals like female foeticide, child marriage and domestic abuse are obstacles to implement the scheme. In spite of all efforts the mindset of people remains conservative, still the dowry system is the main obstacle to help implement rules of this scheme.

This scheme of prime Minister has helped to uplift the status of girl child in the society. This scheme will help in the economic growth of the nation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for the eradication of female foeticide and suggested different ways to tackle the issue.

Several strategies have been developed and designed to save girl child and educate girl child. A sustained social mobilization and communication to value the girl child is introduced throughout India.

The critical districts of India are focused for the intensive and integrated action. Different programs are planned to engage with communities to challenge gender stereotypes and social norms.


The Indian media has helped implement this scheme fully. Celebrating girl child has become a trend in India. As the most important objective and aim of this campaign is to ensure that girls are born, nurtured and educated without discrimination to become empowered citizens of India with equal rights.

The media is disseminating information about the issue across the nation. This issue is also being propagated through social media. Apart from it YouTube channel BBBP has been launched to have information of the issue and access of videos regarding child sex ratio. The videos at YouTube are generating awareness among people.

Video On Save Girl Child in Hindi

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