Essay On Save Water Life | Importance & Benefits For Students

Water is the reason of our existence on mother earth. The water conservation is an important issue to solve global water shortage crisis. Every drop is priceless. Save water is akin to save lives itself on this planet earth.

The essay focuses on value, importance, benefits of saving water for our future generation with examples and outlines. These essays are useful for KG kids, class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10th and college level students.

Save Water Save Life | Essays For Children & Students

Water is the elixir of life. It gives meaning and purpose to our life. Water waste is the main concern for the world of today.

It is really important to save water to save life. Therefore, it is essentially important to save water for save life.


Essay on Save Water Save Life For High School & College Level Students

Water is the most essential ingredient of life on earth. It is in fact the life itself.  Without water the life can never be imagined.

The concept of life on earth is due to the presence of water. All life forms on earth need water to survive. It is next to air an element that is vital for existence of life.

There are several uses of water. It is used for drinking, washing, cleaning and cooking. The water is used in industries and factories to make products. Above all, in a living organism all processes and functions take place with the help of water.

Apart from it the hydro electricity is also produced through water. The electricity that we use at homes, schools, offices and at all work places is produced from water.

The life has originated from water. Thousands of years ago, all ancient civilizations existed near rivers and water bodies. Scientists have tried to start life on Mars and on moon but all other planets have no water. It is right said that water is life.

The availability of water on earth is with due to water cycle.  The water present in large water bodies like seas and oceans evaporates and condenses to form clouds.

Those clouds when move to plain areas there they cools down and shower rain. The rain, then, fills rivers and the ground water again.

Water is the most precious resource of life. Water pollution and lack of water has caused many issues. These issues will keep increasing if the world community won’t unite to address the causes of water pollution and importance of water.

World is facing many natural calamities like drought and global warming. Many water borne diseases have spread throughout the world.

Water pollution and lack of water has not only affected the lives of humans and animals but it has left adverse impacts on plants.

It is the main constituent of life to humans, animals, birds and plants. With the passage of time the lack of water is increasing specially potable water is deficient enough to meet the needs of increasing population.

The growth of urbanization and over population has increased use of fresh water.  It is diminishing rapidly. Therefore, it is high time to save water to save life on earth. The Shortage of water is the most crucial issue of the world.

The conservation of water is very important.  Our new generation must be taught to save water. We all must work together to save this vital commodity of life.

Wasting even a single drop of water is dangerous. We should save each drop of water for the continuity of life on earth.

Water is declining rapidly. The plants, animals and humans are all collectively affected by water pollution and its shortage. To make sure the possibility of life on earth, all living beings must have availability of fresh potable water.

The absence of fresh water resources throughout the world is called as the scarcity of water. All fresh water resources of world are depleting by leaps and bounds. Because the consumption of water has increased due to over population and over use of water.

Around 71% of earth’s surface is covered by water. Out of such huge water bodies only 1% water is fit and suitable for the consumption of humans.

Wasting even a single drop of water is a deadly sin. We need to save each single drop of water to save the future generations.

We should start public awareness programs to ensure the safety of life by saving water.If pure, fresh and potable water is not saved, it will bring catastrophic impacts.

The humans will start consuming unsafe, unhygienic and polluted water which will adversely affect their lives and will make them ill.

Eventually consumption of dirty water will cease their existence. It would make their survival impossible on earth.

The cursory look at the world reveals to our eyes and mind that the whole world is facing shortage of water.

Keeping in view the situations and the world statistics we must participate in the campaigns to conserve and save water.

Water pollution and wastage of fresh water is an alarmingly call. We all need to understand the value and importance of water to life. Water is the means of survival on earth, if water will be lost, life will be lost.

Short Essay on Save Water For Students

Water is essential ingredient of life. We must utilize water judiciously. We must save this priceless resource.

We should reduce unnecessary use of water. Using too much water for our shower or brushing our teeth is a sin. We should use it wisely to optimal quantities.

We should not contaminate water of rivers and seas because aquatic creature need clean water to survive and reproduce. All life forms equally need water to live.

Wastage and contamination of water is a big threat to all organisms. Recycling of water is a means of saving water. Water wasted is water lost and finally life lost.

 ten lines on save water

Ten lines on Save Water For Ukg Kids Class 1 Students

I. All living things need water to live.

2. Water must be used carefully.

3. Water is the most precious natural resource.

4. Wastage of water must be avoided.

5. It must be stored and used judiciously.

6. Water must be conserved in a hygienic way.

7. We should ensure tap or pipe leaking in our homes.

8. We should use recycled water for our gardens and parks.

9. Water is a non-renewable resource.

10. To save water is to save life.

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