Essay On Summer Vacation For Students

Summer vacation are the real wonderful experience. Everyone is seen excited to plan how to spend summer vacation with a memorable trip, visit or tour. Many people like to spend summer holidays on family picnic trips to countryside like Kashmir, around beach, valleys etc.

essay on summer vaccation

Read here a best collection of  essays and Paragraphs on Summer vacation topic that include, my summer vacation story, how I spent my holiday summer vacation with family and friends etc,

These essays and paragraphs are short and long, narrative, descriptive, memorable, simple easy for children and students of Ukg kids, class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10th and college level students. The essays include quotes, summer story, outline, heading and subheading, images and are easy to download pdf for students.

Essay On Summer Vacation; How I Spent My Holiday Vacation


The summer season is a boon to children. During the middle of the summer season every year a holiday period is observed throughout all schools and colleges called summer vacations. Due to high temperatures the schools and colleges are closed for around two months in order to help students take respite from high temperature.

My Summer Vacation Experience

Summer vacations fall in the months of June and July, these are the hottest months. The temperature become high and scorching rays of sun become very dangerous. June and July are the months of extreme temperature, children must remain indoors as much as possible to prevent their selves protected from harmful rays of sun.

There are multi fold purposes of summer vacations. The most known purpose is to provide relaxation to children. As the annual examinations are conducted before summer vacations, children get fatigued and exhausted during papers. They study hard for the preparation of papers and work every waking moment to pass exams.

They need rest to recoup health and vitality. Summer vacations help students release their exhaustion and fatigue of hard work. Second most significant purpose of summer vacations is to tide over the unbearable heat.

The temperature during June and July increase and radiations of sun become very dangerous for health. Summer vacations not only provide respite from fatigue but also from burning rays of sun.

During the summer vacations kids enjoy a lot. They feel relaxed and at ease. Parents help children enjoy vacations. They plan to take their kids to cool places and hill stations to keep them away from intense heat and radiations of sun.

Some children go to visit their native places specially villages and enjoy their leaves with their relatives and friends. While some children prefer to learn new skills during vacations, they join different hobby classes at summer camp or take activity classes.Most of the children enjoy playing different games in summer vacations.

Specially cricket and football are played excessively by children in summer vacations. Some children develop different hobbies during vacations like reading books, writing stories, collecting precious things and observing the nature around. These habits help improve the faculty of reasoning of children and they also get knowledge.

The most effective way to enjoy and get benefited from summer vacations is to visit gardens early in the morning and observe birds chirping and singing and observe the green beauty of environment. Nature is the mother, nature is full of wonders and it enriches mind and soul.

Nature nurture and nourishes a child in a good way and help a child to grow curiosity and sharpens the wit and intellect of an immature mind. Children are the beauty of environment, their presence make this world a pleasant place to live.

Encourage kids during summer vacations to establish close contact with the mother nature which present solace to soul and peace of mind. Greenery is the remedy of various unnoticeable diseases.

Apart from it during day time in summer vacations children must develop habit of reading books, novels and writing stories. As the sun releases harmful rays which affect eyes and health, being indoors at the day they must make hobby of reading books. The best reader become a best leader. Reading boosts the rationality and enriches one with pearls of wisdom.

While when sun start declining and disappearing into the horizon, children must go outdoor and play games. Sports is necessary for fitness and good health. Children must go out of home at evening and play games. Running and jogging while playing game help children stay healthy and strong.

Parents must give proper time to their kids during vacations because they get only two months to enjoy. Children love vacations and plan to enjoy their vacations to the utmost, they must be provided everything that they need to enjoy the vacations. It is duty of parents to help children plan their vacation activities.

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