Essay on Water Pollution | Causes, Impacts & Solutions

Water pollution is the contamination of water with dirty, impure harmful substance in it. There are various reasons attached to it that we have discussed in the following  article.

essay on water pollution

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Essay On Water Pollution: Causes, Impacts & Solution with Quotes & Examples


Water is life, it is the most important source of life. The concept of life is based on water. Without water there will be no life. The fresh water gives life to all living forms on earth. The survival of humans, animals and plants is on water.

The vital commodity of life water is being polluted and wasted carelessly. The world is facing the shortage of clean and pure water. The future of all living forms on earth seem uncertain on the earth because of increasing water pollution.

Causes of Water Pollution

The water pollution is caused by the sewage of the house and the industrial waste that is drained into water bodies. The waste material of towns and cities is thrown into rivers which make water undrinkable. The dumping of industrial waste into water bodies has become common. It is polluting water badly.  The agricultural wastes contributed to water pollution.

The excessive use of plastic bags and wrappers left in atmosphere reaches into rivers and lakes and pollute water.
The industrialization and urbanization are the major causes of water pollution.

Almost all industries and factories are set up near rivers, and all metropolitan cities and towns lie near to rivers and seas, the waste of houses, industries, factories and all sewage systems drains into water bodies which pollute water.

The unawareness among people is the biggest cause of water pollution. The people don’t know the importance and value of fresh drinking water. They not only waste the water that is available for drinking but also pollute the water present in rivers. The ignorance is the leading factor of water pollution.

Effects Of Water Pollution

The water pollution has caused the shortage of drinking water throughout the world. Millions of people are using polluted water for drinking. The shortage of pure and clean water is the most critical issue of whole world. There is scarcity of fresh water for drinking, cooking and washing.

Impure and polluted water gives birth to many disease. People are suffering from water borne diseases. Significantly diarrhea and indigestion are found commonly among people. These diseases are the byproduct of polluted and impure water.

Not only terrestrial animals but aquatic life is in danger because of water pollution.  The whole biosphere is disturbed and biodiversity in water pollution.  The sources of fresh water are depleting because of water pollution.

Many species of plants are lost due to water pollution and extinction of some birds and animals is also caused by water pollution. The marine life is badly affected by the pollution of water.

How to Prevent Water Pollution

As water is our life. It is our duty and responsibility to save water for our survival. We all must actively participate to save water and to stop water pollution.

Save each drop of water because each drop is very precious. Little drops of water makes mighty oceans. Do not waste fresh water.

Stop throwing garbage and wastes into water bodies and avoid dumping wastes into rivers and fresh water bodies. Also avoid Littering and plastic bags.

Use bio fertilizers instead of chemicals and pesticides. There must be proper disposal of toxic chemical waste.
The most effective step to stop water pollution is reducing the extra use of fresh water, reusing the used water into gardens and parks, and recycling the polluted water.

The government must identify the causes of water pollution and take initiative to stop water pollution and ensure saving water. Above all public awareness programs must be initiated regarding the importance of water and to help save this vital commodity of life


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