Speech On Women Empowerment | Importance & Advantages For Society

The women and the girls are the powers and pillars for development of a country. The role, rights and responsibilities of a an empowered women for social, economic, educational and national development of a community is of pivotal importance.

speech on women empowerment

The girl power is the pride of a nation. In 21st century, women are contributing side by side as an equal gender for the development of a state.

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Speech on Women Empowerment; Need & Importance in 21st Century

Honorable sir/Madam and respected fellows, participants and audience, I welcome you all of here. The topic of my speech is “The women empowerment, need and importance in 21st century”.

Honorable sir! There are many societies where women are discriminated on their gender. Women are not given their rights and they are paid less.

They are bound to their culture and family and they can’t go out, can’t establish contact with others, The women are determined and identified by their husband or parents.

They are treated inferior to men and are considered weaker than men.  The women  are forced to marry in young age by their parents and above all they are not sent to schools.

For the self-esteem and honor of women they must be empowered which means to give them basic rights.

The women empowerment means to encourage women to feel strong and make them free from domestic violence. It enables them to secure jobs and to get equal rights.

In real sense it stands for the purpose to foster girls’ capabilities in every field in order to make their voice heard in decision making.

It helps promote girls’ leadership and to unleash women power so that they enjoy freedom of choice and expression.

Importance of women Empowerment

Dear sir! women empowerment is too essential. Empowerment of women is a process that creates power in women in their respective societies and communities. Women find access to the opportunities available to them without limitations and restrictions.

The Empowerment raises the status of women through education, training, raising awareness and literacy. It helps women to make life determining decisions.

In the field of development and economics the topic of Empowerment is vastly discussed. Women are a big asset to the development.

When women are helped to enjoy their rights and use the resources and utilize their potentials in different fields with all facilities they will not only improve their status but will help boost the economic development of the nation.

Women empowerment very important for the development of the society. It enhances both the quality and quantity of human resources available for development.

Gender equality is very essential for the sustainable development of the country. Without women Empowerment sustainable development socially and economically can not be achieved.

There is need of full participation of both men and women for the development. Only men will not suffice to achieve the desired development of the nation.

Women face more problems than men. Gender related barriers involve sexual harassment, unfair hiring practices and unequal pay make difficult for women to excel and advance in life. There are many societies where gender inequality and disparity is overwhelming.

How to Empower Women?

Honorable Sir! The women empowerment is the reality and its essential and possible. As an acknowledged fact, let’s discuss some ways how can we make it possible. The economical and political Empowerment of women is the need of time.

At the economic level gender inequality must be addressed. They must have control over the resources such as property rights. They should have access to participate in the parliament affairs.

Education is one of the most important way to empower women because Education increases self confidence, helps them find better jobs and enable them to work shoulder to shoulder with men. It increases women’s awareness of their rights and boost their self esteem.

Internet can also help empower women, with the introduction of world wide web women have begun to use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for online activism.

It helps to organize campaigns to voice their opinions for their rights. Internet is a powerful tool for educational Empowerment of women.

In the final words, I submit myself to the fact of women empowerment. I urge you all. Let’s stand together to fight gender inequality.

The  women are human like men. Freedom is their right. I am not free while any woman is not free and subject of inequality.

Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights. Millions of girls and women are subject of abuse, child marriage and trafficking, let’s support and protect them. Let’s educate them and help them to stand with men. Let’s Empower Women!

Margaret Thatcher has rightly said that “If you want something said, ask a man, if you want something done, ask a woman”.


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