My Pet Dog Essay For Children & Students

The dog is a humble, lovely, and friendly pet animal. He is found almost all across the world. Below given are short essays and Paragraphs on My Favorite Pet dog with physical descriptions of dogs, dogs as best human friends, in simple easy, descriptive words. These essays are simple, easy and are helpful for Ukg kids, class 1,2,3,4,5th, high school level students.

My pet dog essay

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1. My Pet Dog Essay For Students


All animals are amazing creature of God. Dog is a pet animal. Dog is called the faithful and loyal animal. It is believed that dogs are very faithful to the master. The dog is sincere to one who tames and keeps a dog and feeds and take care. Even if the dog go mad but never bites his master nor barks at his master.

I have a pet dog. I gave a name to my dog when it was very small. I gave him a good name. The name of my pet dog is Tony Tiger. I lovingly call my dog Tony tiger because it always react like a tiger. The color of my pet is brown and white. It is not miniature in size. He is very fast and strong. My pet is very friendly in nature and loves to be in my company. It often go out and play with other dogs of neighbors.

One good feature of my pet is that he is very curious to learn and to follow the directions. He is very clever.
The favorite food of my pet dog is fired and boiled meat of goat. I feed him fish and other meats too. When my pet was small, he liked to have milk every day.

I feed my pet good foods so that it become more strong.  My pet is with me since it had been a puppy. Since last three years I am caring my dog.

I used to wash my pet thrice a week and always kept my pet neat and clean. Cleanliness and good hygiene is very necessary for pets.

My pet is very vigilant and is always active and agile. It barks when there is any sound near our house specially during night. We go to bed and sleep sound but my pet do not sleep peacefully because he protects our home from thieves and danger.

My pet serves me as my friend and guard. I often forget worries and tensions being in the company of my pet. When I am alone and feel boredom I play with my pet and when I go out it provides me security and walks with me as my guard.

My pet is fearless and very sturdy dog. All members of my family love and care my pet. My father has grew more fond of my pet. My father bring meat for my dog and always advises me to take good care of Tony Tiger because he is our friend, our guard and our family member.

Unlike many other dogs, my pet is very affectionate and loving. When I play or be with my pet or I sleep, it licks my arms and feet.


Indeed dogs are very faithful to their master and very innocent and loving creature of God. It is very enjoying to have a pet dog. It has become an inseparable part of our family. We can’t live without our pet now.

2. My Favorite Animal Dog Short Essay & Paragraph For Students


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