Essay on Obesity For Students

Obesity is a severe health problem nowadays. Due to sedentary ease loving personal and social lifestyles, everyone is concerned about health management.  There are certain causes, issues and problems are related to it. A perfect obesity treatment a thorough solution.

essay on obesity

Read here wonderfully written essays and speeches on obesity, causes, effects and possible solution in simple short, easy to understand words. These short and long essays are helpful for Ukg kids, class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10th
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Essay on Obesity; Causes & Effects on our Health


Obesity is a condition in which in which body fat is accumulated in excess that leave negative impacts on the health of a person. The overweight of obesity is a disease. This disease gives birth to many other diseases and conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression, obstructive sleep and different types of cancer and osteoarthritis.

It is the very problem which causes several other medical disorders, physically and mentally it causes other issues which are very dangerous. Those who are suffering from obesity they become victim of High Blood pressure, High blood cholesterol, High triglyceride levels and diabetes which are fatal.

The increase in the body fat is the leading cause of other disorders in the body. The chances of heart failure and peripheral artery disease increase due to obesity.

Causes of Obesity

  1. The major causes of obesity are the combination of excessive energy foods in body and lack of lack of physical activity. People have become inactive and lazy, the reliance on cars and motorbikes has increased. Even people don’t prefer to go at short distance without car or bike. They have left to walk and have become accustomed of vehicles. They do not lose calories of body by walking or by doing any exercise. It is very important to do regular exercise and to have physical activity in order to keep fit and healthy. Shun the sedentary lifestyle, use mechanized transportation little and make habit of walking and going by foot.
  2. Apart from it there must be proper intake of energy foods. Eating energy foods in excess cause obesity. Eating more energy foods is very harmful for health. There must be proper nutritional guideline to help address the problem of obesity. Obesity is caused by the extra consumption of food energy.
  3. The research on this issue show that the increased consumption of sweetened drinks like soft drinks, iced tea and energy and vitamin water drinks are causing obesity. Not only obesity but other disorders like type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome are also caused by intake of these foods.
  4. Doctors highlight that the deficiency of Vitamin D also causes obesity. Eat foods that contain vitamin D to help avoid this problem.
  5. The consumption of fast food meals causes obesity. One must not eat more fast foods because fast foods are energy-dense foods.

Throughout the world millions of people are suffering from this disease and the trend continues to rise. The latest statistics reveal that two in every three adults is obese. The youth population is greatly suffering from this problem.

This problem has created several other problems like it affects the healing of the surgical wounds and operations because of the excess of the fat tissues. The operational surgery takes time and increase due to overweight.


Obesity is the leading preventable cause of death worldwide specially adults and children. Reports show that there are around 100 million obese children in 195 countries of the world. It is more common in women than men. This disease reduces the life expectancy, the relative risk of death is common among obese. Obesity has increased the mortality rate.



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