Speech About Education, Value & Importance in Life

Education is the continuous process to get knowledge, learning, ideas, facts about life and the world around. The importance of education as a life-changing agent can never be denied. The school, teachers, society and environment are the essential elements of various types of education.

speech about education

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1. Speech on Education; Types, Importance, Advantages For Students


Man is the Supreme creature of God. He is bestowed with intellect, power of reasoning and faculty of learning. Man adorns his intellect and reasoning with the help of education. The faculty of learning is the most important aspect of life of a human.

Learning is not confined to age, there is not fixation of time or place for learning. One starts learning from an early age and can continue this process of learning till death.

Education symbolizes light in life while ignorance is darkness. Those who educate their kids they beautify the lives of their children. Education enables us to differentiate between right and wrong and makes us capable enough to face the challenges of life. An educated is he who can read, write and speak and utilize his knowledge timely.

Importance of Education.

The life is a battle field, only those conquer who possess quality education. Life is full of ups and downs, it is not always smooth and easy. It presents several challenges, only educated and literate overcome those challenges of life and succeed.

It is rightly said that education is the third eye of a man. We naturally posses two eyes which make us everything visible around while the third eye education makes us understand the things that we behold with our naked eyes.

Education is the most important weapon to succeed in life. A man is considered blind without sound education. Without quality education one can not excel in life nor can achieve his or goals. The only thing that distinguishes between a man an animal is the education.

Education is a process of man making. Except education nothing help an individual to realize the nature which is inherent in him.

It is believed that peace, justice, freedom and equality for all can be achieved by education. Good life can not be conceived without education. It helps to make world a better place to live.

It is one of the basic need of an individual, it not only promotes intellect and skills to achieve progress but it directs the undeveloped capacities, attitude and needs of an individual into desirable channels.

Education promotes the physical and mental standards of an individual and transforms living status.

One can not be a good citizen without good education. Man is entirely incomplete without education. It is the only factor which can give good shape to our position as a human.

In this competitive world it is very difficult to survive, to find food, clothe and shelter one need to be educated and skilled to help sustain life.

Education as key to success

It is the basic pillar of success. Simply it is key to success.Education unlocks several opportunities in life to succeed. One who is well educated can find job and work to earn his livelihood while an uneducated hardly finds any job to earn his bread.

Knowledge is power. This power is generated when one gets good education, using this power one can achieve his ambitions in life and can turn his dreams into reality. Knowledge is a kind of wealth, none can steal or snatch this wealth. The greatest wealth of a man is the knowledge which he possess. The utilization of this precious wealth makes man richer and help earn billions and more to lead a comfortable life.

A nation bearing large pool of educated people such as doctors, engineers, officials and scientists become an advanced nation.

As education is the fundamental right of every child. Lack of education causes several problems in society like poverty, child Labor etc.

Education is constructive in nature, it constructs our present and future. It helps to improve status of mind, body and spirit.

A man without education is like a ship without radar in an ocean. The education provides light to explore the hidden treasures of the world and to excel in life.


Undoubtedly education is one of the most important factors for achieving success and living a comfortable and happy life.I personally believe that none can neglect the importance of education, it not only enriches an individual but collectively bring prosperity in the whole nation.

It is indeed a basic right of a child. All children should be enrolled into schools so that they not only make their own life comfortable and luxurious but also help nation to grow and prosper.

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