Essay on Trees | Uses & Importance of Save Trees

The trees are our treasure. The value, importance and uses of trees for our life is no less than a blessing. They save life. Read Essays on Trees, their value, importance and benefits of trees for our life with outline, introduction, heading, quotes for Ukg kids, primary, high school and college level students.

essay on trees

Various short and long, descriptive, detailed simple easy essay on trees, value of trees, importance of save trees for our life in points, 10 lines and few more sentences for Ukg kids, class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10th and college
level students.

Essay on Trees| Benefits, Importance and ways to save trees For children & Students


Trees are green gold on earth and the source of survival of all living forms. Trees are the life. They are the natural habitat of wild life. They are beauty of our environment. Our mother nature is very important.

Trees are the most beautiful and important part of our nature. The balance of nature is interconnected, a single disorder cause disturbance in whole environment and harms all living organisms.

Importance of Trees

The importance of trees in life is as mandatory as the food and water. Trees are the source of survival. They provide us oxygen to breathe. All living forms breathe oxygen to live alive. The survival of all living organisms is oxygen. Trees purify the air and make it fresh enough for us to breathe.

If we will cut down trees our air will get polluted and we won’t be able to breathe the impure air. The polluted air will make us ill and die. Not only humans but all animals, birds and aquatic organisms need oxygen to live. Simply trees are source of our healthy life. They help control air pollution.

Trees consume carbon dioxide which is a harmful gas. It pollutes our air and causes many diseases and disorders in our environment. They take carbon dioxide and provide us oxygen. Trees make rains possible.  They regulate the balance of our environment. Trees attract clouds and they pour down rain. They are the most precious gift for all living beings on earth.

Benefits of Trees for our Life

The trees are very important in our life. All paper industries, rubber industries and match industries run on trees.
Trees filter toxic gases present in air. They absorb carbon dioxide and reduce the intensity of heat. Trees are the natural dustbins of all types of pollutants in our environment.  In short, the benefits of trees include the following

1. Trees save us from many respiratory diseases and keep us healthy.

2. Trees play very important role in preventing soil erosion. They don’t let soil erode easily due to storms and flooding.

3. Trees provide us fruits, flowers, vegetables, medicines, spices, shade and wood.

4. The wooden furniture used in homes comes from trees. The timber for making furniture comes from trees.

6. Trees help combat the climate change which is one of the most discussed issue of whole world.

7. Trees not only purify our air but they also filter our water naturally.

Ways how to save Trees to Save Life

As trees are our life and we all must be grateful to God for such a precious and valuable gift and save them for the wellness of humans and animals on earth.

1. Trees can be save by minimizing the use of paper.

2. People must use recycled products to save trees.

3. Trees can be saved by not cutting them down and by Plantation of new trees.

4. Public is unaware of the importance of trees they must be taught how to save trees and encourage them to save trees.

5. We must promote afforestation in order to save trees.

6. Clearing away of forests for commercial purposes must be reduced.

7. We all must start campaigns to plant trees in our surroundings.

8. We should work voluntarily in order to save trees.

9. We should encourage our friends, relatives and neighbors to plant new trees.

10. The government must ban on unnecessary cutting down of trees, and pass any law to save trees.

11. The media must take notice and start awareness programs among masses to save trees. The media can contribute a lot in this endeavor.

12. The local and provincial government is responsible of clearing away of forests, all authorities concerned must investigate, where ever they find useless cleaning away of trees, there they must replant trees.

Ten lines on Save Trees for Kids

I. Trees are our wealth on earth.

2. Trees give us oxygen to live.

3. Our food also comes from trees.

4. Trees purify our environment.

5. Not only men but all life forms depend on trees.

6. Trees are our life. There is no life without trees.

7. We must save and plant new trees.

8. A green world is a safe world for all life forms.

9. Trees help us keep our life going.

10. Trees are beauty of our environment.

Short Essay on Save Trees Kg Class 1 & 2 Students

Trees are our treasure. Our life is dependent on trees. Trees provide oxygen that we breathe in to live. Trees use up carbon dioxide a harmful gas that we breathe out and supply oxygen abundantly for all life forms to survive. If we will cut and destroy trees, we will cut and destroy ourselves.

If trees are cut off, carbon dioxide levels go up in our environment and warms up atmosphere known as global warming. Trees purify the polluted air.

Deforestation not only affects the wildlife but also cause threat to all living organisms on earth. Therefore trees must be saved for the sake of our own life and for the life of our planet.

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