Essay on Environment [ Importance, Issues, Threats ]

The environment is our mother. It provides the basics of our sustenance on our mother earth. Read long and short essay on environment, its importance, threats, ways how to save environment. The detailed essays shedding light the importance of caring or saving environment for every day life. These essays are also useful for ukg primary, high school and college level students.

Essay On Environment – Environmental Problems & Solutions

The environment is the home of all living beings. It sustains the life on mother earth. The environmental degradation is the worst issues of these times.

Given the importance of environment for the living beings, it is strongly imperative to take strict measures to save our environment from total degradation. For in the safety and security of our environment, there lies the safety of human lives.

1. Environment Essay; Importance, Threats & Solutions

Everything present around us is our environment. It includes all living and non living things in our surroundings. The life of humans and animals is entirely dependent on environment. It nourishes us. Our natural environment is being destroyed due to our adverse activities that are a big threat to it.

In the search of development and progress we are killing our natural environment. Our environment is the only means of our growth. Life of humans, animals and birds is with this environment. We are carelessly replacing natural environment into artificial one.

Instead of greenery, Plantation and natural objects now there exists artificial things like buildings, complexes, streets and vehicles. They emit dangerous gases that pollute our environment.

As it is known that continuity of life on this planet earth is possible with healthy environment. The selfish activities of humans are the biggest threat to our natural healthy environment. The mankind has been degrading the natural components of  environment. He has been misusing the environment to attain success and prosperity

Our life is interconnected with every component present in our surroundings. The air that we continuously breathe to live, the water which we frequent drink, are the parts of our environment.

We humans have destroyed natural cycle of all natural components of environment. The disturbance caused in our environment affects the balance of natural environment.

Threats to the Environment

Our environment is mainly affected by our own activities. Therefore, the big threats to our environment are as under,

1. Air pollution
2. Noise pollution
3. Water pollution
4. Soil pollution
5. Deforestation
6. Acid rain
7. Excessive use of technology
8. Little awareness/ ignorance
9. The pursuit of progress and development
10. Selfish wanton activities of humans.

Specially man made technological advancement is spoiling our surroundings excessively. It ultimately destroys the balance and equilibrium of nature which is fatal to all living forms on the earth.

All parts of our environment including hydrosphere and lithosphere have been destroyed due to man made environment. It means that the man made technological activities are the sole cause of destruction of our environment.

Environmental degradation is a global issue. It is adversely affecting physical and mental health of humans. It has negatively affected our daily lives. We are suffering socially, economically, emotionally and intellectually. Environmental contaminants have spread deadly diseases. The whole world is facing the issues caused by the loss of natural environment. Our environment is being polluted due to industrial waste. The Agricultural waste, increasing population, smoke of vehicles, use of plastic, fossil fuel combustion.

Environmental degradation is the issue of the whole world. If this problem is not addressed properly it will cause loss of life. The excessive use of fuels to meet our needs is killing our environment and its components like air and water.

Many air and water borne diseases are on the rise. The health is at risk. Acid rain causes damage of plants and animals. It also affects aquatic life.

Solutions; How to Save Environment?

  1. Plantation or planting new trees will help to save environment.
  2. Reduce the use of non-renewable resources.
  3. Adoption of proper disposal of waste.
  4. Ban on plastic must be turned into a movement.
  5. Provide environmental education to spread awareness among people to save environment.
  6. We should not pollute water bodies.
  7. Useless cut down of trees must be banned. The strict measures should be taken stop deforestation and clearing away of trees.
  8. Better recycling of natural waste is necessary to save environment.
  9. There should be minimal use of pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides and chemicals.
  10. We should work as a team to make our environment clean.
  11. We all must actively participate in the world environmental campaigns.
  12. Celebrate everyday as environment day.


Our environment provides us all basic and essential ingredients of life. All natural components of our environment are vitally important. Modernization and development has caused sharp increase in environmental degradation. The quality of natural components is at risk. It is decreasing with a rapid pace.

Urbanization and deforestation contribute more in environmental pollution. It is believed that the environment is the source of survival. All components of environment are our basic needs. Destruction of environment is akin to death of all life forms on this planet earth.

Our lives are entirely built on our natural environment.  We must not change natural environment into an artificial one. It’s our first and foremost responsibility to save our environment.

2. Paragraph on Environment For Students

The environment consists of living and non living components. In the  broader sense both living and non-living are interdependent. There is a strong bond of attraction between all elements of environment.

Though air, water and soil are the non-living parts but all living forms depend on these things.  The survival of living organisms is based on all what exist in environment. All natural components are the real beauty of environment. As trees which are called the green cover of the surface of the earth. They purify air and provide oxygen for the survival of animals and humans.

Nowadays we humans are not mindful enough to understand how, what and why we are consuming the natural resources and wasting non-renewable resources of environment. We are killing the natural components of environment which boost life on earth, Behind the damage caused in environment, is the grave human involvement.  Hardly any damage is natural. We are abusing our environment which provides us food and shelter.

The whole body of flora and fauna which constitute our natural ecosystem and make our environment beautiful are interwoven. Plants are the only producers on the surface of earth. All animals get their food from plants. Even human consume plants directly and eat animals which are dependent on plants.

We human are merely consumers.  We depend on environment to live. We can not imagine life without the natural resources present in our environment.

Our life would be lost if we will degrade environment and misuse the natural resources. We can not afford destroying our environment in the name of industrialization and urbanization. Plants and trees are the home of many species of birds, forests are the habitat of wildlife.

It is entirely unjust to cut down trees and forests. They are beauty of our environment. People are polluting water bodies in the search of progress. We are constructing manufacturing plants on the banks of life-living rivers whose waste matter is thrown into flowing water.

The vehicles and factories emit smoke which pollute air. It is air which gives us life. Human activities has caused a irreparable loss and damage of environment.  We should worship our environment and save it from all types of pollution.

3. Speech on Environment For Students

The environment is the fundamental source of survival on earth. Men has destroyed the natural environment. The environmental degradation has caused several issues and changes in natural ecosystem which are entirely opposite to the promotion of existence.

All our basic needs like Air, Water and other resources are the components of environment. All natural components are mercilessly misused and are being wasted by human. It is right time to recognize the issues that our environment is facing or life will be lost.

Most importantly we need to clean and purify the air present in environment. It is air which we breathe in to stay alive. The purification of air is possible when we would stop cutting trees and plant new trees. Trees purify the air and absorb pollutants which degrade the quality of air.

Air pollution is the root cause of other environmental issues. Nowadays most of the diseases are airborne. People are suffering from respiratory ailments and cardiac disorders are caused by contaminants of air.

Our environment is suffering from many disorders which are a big threat to the life on earth. Water and soil are also components of our environment.  We need to use water wisely and carefully. Wastage of water is too deadly a sin.

Misuse of water affects the natural water cycle and cause several issues which tend to affect the life of all living organisms.  Everything that is visible to our eyes is part of our environment and is equally important.

Wastage of one component directly or indirectly affects the other components which ultimately degrade the destroy whole environment. All flora and fauna are the beauty of our environment.  We need to save these to help sustain the natural charm of environment.

I personally believe it’s we who have caused all environmental issues and its we who can eradicate all problems which are cause by us knowingly or unknowingly.

Behind progress and development men exploited all natural resources and adulterated the basic components of environment. Only Plantation won’t suffice to this cause. We have to reduce pollution and reduce consumption and wastage of natural components and recycle and reuse all basic components which are almost lost.

To restore the lost beauty of environment we need to work actively. Let’s make it our responsibility to educate people about the importance of environment and aware them to save environment.

Pollution, global warming and greenhouse gases are a threat to our environment.  These issue need immediate attention. Moreover, handling and fighting with these issues of environment will not only save environment but save life and planet earth.

Let’s save trees and plant new trees to make our environment beautiful and healthy.  Let’s save water and reduce its use. Let’s keep earth and soil clean and stop degradation of land.

4. Essay on Environmental Issues

The environment is the basic source of survival for all living organisms on the earth. The concept of life on earth is based on environment and its components. One can not imagine life and existence of all living forms without environment.

At present the whole world is facing many environmental issues which leave an indelible mark on the lives of humans and animals. It is believed that all environmental issues are byproduct of over population.

The massive population growth has affected the fabric of environment. The industrial revolution and progress sought to help feed the increasing population has indirectly affected environment.

Hence one can believe that deforestation and climate change, the most hanging issues of environment,  are caused by the growth in population. The increasing pollution of world is a big threat to environment.

The major environmental issues like pollution, global warming and greenhouse gases are caused by untamed activities of humans. All issues are men made.  The wanton activities of human are degrading the quality of environment at a stretch.

Our life is constituted on the components of environment.  Unfortunately all natural components of environment like air, water and soil are being misused and polluted carelessly.

The mass destruction of environment took place with the advent of industries and factories. Since last ten decades our environment is constantly losing the charm.

Tons of smoke is produced daily which pollute the air. The vehicle and burning of fossil fuels has polluted air to an unimaginable extent.

The waste of industries and factories is drained in water bodies which pollute water. These are the very factors responsible for the increasing greenhouse gases which are very dangerous for all living organisms.

In addition to it, the deforestation is uncontrollable. People are clearing away forests to establish industries, to spread roads and to seek progress. Behind the progress and development of human lies the blood of environment. All natural calamities like flood, famine, drought and earthquakes are caused by climate change.

It is high time to take measures to fight against all environmental issues.  We can promote life on earth by saving environment. The most effective ways to minimize the environmental threats are afforestation and three R’s principle.

Let’s plant trees to make environment healthier and reduce the consumption of natural resources, recycle the products and reuse the used material to save natural assets.

We need to work individually to save environment. In order to restore the natural balance of environment we have to work collectively to eradicate all environmental issues.

5. Essay on Save environment Save Life Save Mother Earth

Environment is defined as the natural world or an ecosystem which provide food and shelter, air, water and all the big and small needs of life on earth. All living things need healthy environment to live a healthy life. Only the ecological balance is the sign of life on earth.

It is environment which regulate and maintain all natural cycles and promotes life cycle on earth. Since the time immemorial the growth and evolution of all living forms have taken place with the help of environment.

We humans in the search of progress have forgotten its value and importance. We are constantly degrading and destroying it. Human activities are the root cause of environmental imbalance. The pollution has lowered the quality of all natural components of environment.

The depletion of ozone layer, greenhouse effect, climate change and global warming are the very issues with which environment is suffering from. In last five decades human have polluted air, water and soil to a large extent.

If human activities continue to exist like this, then that day is not far away when there will be no more. Even the very existence of all living forms will be wiped away.

Besides, what environment has done for us in return we have only degraded it. It is true that we can not repay environment but we can take some steps to save it. It is our duty to save trees because trees provide us oxygen and purify the air present in environment and help regulate the balance of earth.

We need to plant new trees and stop deforestation to save it and to make it healthy. Instead of burning fossil fuels and using non-renewable resources let’s switch to Eco-friendly energy sources and say no to pollution.

The most effective way to save it is to spread awareness. We all need to contribute to save by planting trees, saving trees, saving water, reducing plastic usage and by saving all natural resources.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do we need to save our environment essay?
We have to save our environment. because pollution will destroy environment and it will harm people
What is environment short note?

Everything present around us is our environment. It includes all living and non living things in our surroundings. The life of humans and animals is entirely dependent on environment. It nourishes us. Our natural environment is being destroyed due to our adverse activities that are a big threat to it.

What is called the environment?

Surroundings around the world is called environment. This includes living and non living things.

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