Essay On Nature | Role & Importance in Life, Nature Conservation For Students

The nature with its beautiful components like environments, trees, rivers give the real beauty to the mother earth. Read best essays and Paragraphs on nature, its beauty, description, nature conservation etc with quotes, examples, outlines, introduction,  heading and subheadings etc.

essay on nature

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Essay on Nature; Role and Importance with Need of Nature Conservation in Life


The presence of beautiful and attractive environment around us is called nature. Nature is our mother, it nourishes and nurtures us. All basis necessities of life are provided from nature. The food to eat, the water to drink, air to breathe and land to live comes from nature.

Our planet earth is rich in nature. Nature is the most precious gift of God. All natural things make nature more attractive like flowers, birds, plants, animals, rivers, lakes, valleys, seas, hills, forests, land and sky are all components of nature. The scenic beauty around us is nature.

Role and Importance of Nature

The natural cycle of our ecosystem is very necessary for the survival of organisms. We all must take care of all components that make our nature complete. We should not pollute air, water because they are gifts of nature. Human activities are harming and damaging the natural components which promotes life on earth.

It is mother nature which nurtures us never harms us. It saves us from many deadly diseases which can cause our death. Those who live close to nature enjoy a healthy and peaceful life.

Nature presents sweet sounds of birds that touches our ears, sound of running fresh air which rejuvenate us, rattling of the breeze enlivens our soul, sounds of running water in the rivers makes us move within.

All the great poets and writers write when they encounter any attractive, charming and heart rendering scene of the nature. The nature is a force that takes us into the world of imagination and produces lofty ideas and feelings if those emotions and feelings are caged and utilized will change the world.

Words worth is known as the poet of nature, he had been in close communion with nature and wrote everything on Nature. He earned name and fame being with nature. Nature is the greatest teacher, it teaches the lesson of immortality  and mortality.

Close contact with nature broadens our vision and makes our sight penetrative enough to penetrate into the mysteries of the world. Those who are away from nature, can’t fathom the beauty that it holds.

Nature Conservation

Nature conservation is very important for the future generations, if we will damage the nature our future generations will suffer. The technological advancement is adversely affecting our nature. The man is inclined to seek the progress and prosperity, in the quest and search of success they man has forgotten the value and importance of nature around.

The ignorance of people is the biggest threat to nature. It is our duty to aware people and make them understand the importance of nature so that they do not destroy it in the search of progress.

The selfish activities of humans have destroyed forests, polluted water bodies, used land for industries and factories, burning of fossil fuels is polluting air and above all hunting birds and animals have become their hobby. Everything that we are damaging, destroying and killing is the part of our nature. This continuous depletion of natural resources is a threat to our lives. Reduce use of fossil fuels to conserve nature.


Nature is our mother, it blesses us healthy life. We should not disturb the cycle of nature by polluting water, air and land. We should worship nature instead of cursing it.

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