My Classroom Essay For Students

The classroom is the heart of every student. It an unforgettable place that we remember throughout our entire life. The classroom makes us what we are in our practical life. It has the wonderful impact upon students for the rest of life. The following essay discusses the classroom & its importance for children & students.

My Classroom Essay For Children & Students

Classroom is defined as the place where a group of students attend classes from a particular teacher on a particular subject. Classrooms are often found in schools, colleges and universities where different skills and lessons are taught to different types of students about various subjects and fields.

It is a place where all students share same characteristics and attributes. My Classroom is very attractive, spacious, airy and ventilated, it has two wide windows and a large door. It has two ceiling fans, and a big blackboard. The interior walls of my classroom are well decorated with different paintings. There are charts, pictures of flowers, trees and world map on its walls.

As it is on the ground floor, there is a large verandah and large grassy land area in which more than hundred flower pots are placed which bear different colorful flowers. The fragrance of flowers reaches my classroom. I sit on the desk which is placed near a window. After assembly when we rush to our classroom, I always occupy seat on the desk placed near window because I watch flowed blooming in the cold breeze at the morning time. The natural beauty enriches my mind and makes me feel relaxed.

To the north east of my classroom there is an administrative block. In the administration section of our school there are two clerks who prepare our results cards and progress cards.

My Classroom is very peaceful, rarely noisy environment is found in my classroom. In front of blackboard a chair is placed for teacher, and more than twenty benches are placed for students. On each desk two students can sit comfortably.

Adjacent to blackboard lies a dais from where deliver class. All of we students sit facing the blackboard on which lesson and diary work is assigned to us. Our teachers at the end of class write homework on blackboard.

After every month the pictures and charts on the walls of class are changed except the pictures of eminent personalities of our nation who served nation selflessly. There are 45 students in my class, we all live like a family. There are twenty girls in my class, girls are more active and intelligent than we boys. Girls always complete their homework on time, while we boys often forget to do homework.

Some students are very sharp, God gifted and extraordinary while some are intelligent and some are dull. I belong to the category of intelligent students. We all help one another in learning. We keep our classroom neat and tidy. Two dustbins are placed in corners of class in which we throw wrappers and papers.

All teachers are loving and kind, my class teacher is very friendly. He teachers us English and History. All teachers are hardworking, talented and experienced. My Classroom is the only place where we joke and make fun. At the break time we share lunch with one another and eat happily.

On different national, international and cultural events we decorate our classroom and try to the utmost to make our classroom more beautiful than all others classrooms of the school. Our school is famous in entire city, it is very big. Our school can accommodate more than three thousand students at a time.Our school is known for its Cleanliness and teaching faculty.

Our classroom is the most beautiful classroom in our school, our classroom has won many medals and prizes for its Cleanliness. All teachers of the school praise the Cleanliness of our classroom.


My Classroom is a peaceful place. I love my classroom because we all live and work like a family and help one another with heart and soul. The tiles floor of my classroom looks neat and tidy. We do not throw wrappers on the floor of our classroom. My Classroom is next to my home to me I love my classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is your class teacher?

The teacher who is responsible for your class activities and performance is called your class teacher.

2. Why do I love my school essay?

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How do u start an essay?

I start with introduction of my topic and than add relevant about your topic.

What are the three main parts of an essay?

There are three main parts of an essay 1. Introduction 2. Body 3. Conclusion.

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