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Health is a great wealth. It is a human pride. The health is more than the treasure of world. It adds beauty and meaning to life. The following essays & speeches have been written in line to acknowledge and ascertain the fact of health as a great human asset.

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essay on health is wealth

Essay on Health is Wealth; Value & Importance in Life


The proverb Health is Wealth is an axiomatic truth. There is no doubt that Health is the real wealth. This proverb teaches us the importance of health. The wealth that we accumulate and pile is nothing when compared to health. It is health that matters more in life.

When one is in a good physical and mental state, he can enjoy life and can lead a happy life. The prime source of happiness and bliss is our health.

How to Maintain Good Health?

One must maintain his health first. One must eat a balanced diet, eat fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables. He must drink clean and pure water, take fresh air, exercise daily, take proper sunlight and maintain cleanliness to be healthy.

A healthy body is a sign of a healthy mind. One having an unhealthy body won’t be able to utilize his potentials and abilities to succeed and excel in life.

Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. Proper rest is mandatory for good health. People in the pursuit of wealth and riches forget to take proper rest and do not go to bed early.

To be healthy one must brush teeth twice a day and wash hands before and after eating. We should take bathe daily in order to keep ourselves away from germs and diseases.

A morning walk is good for health. Unhygienic conditions cause diseases that make us bedridden. An unhealthy person becomes a victim of inactivity and laziness which adversely affects our lives.

Value & Importance of Health in Life

Good health is the key to success and happiness. One being in good physical and mental state can enjoy the world to the utmost and can face the challenges of life with ease and comfort. We can live happily without money but we can not live happily without good health.

It is health that enables and encourages us to do something and to earn something. Health is the most precious earning in life. One who maintains health can balance his life and can excel in life. Good health gives us freedom from many diseases and problems.

Health makes us able to work for more time to face a difficult time. Life is not always smooth. There are ups and downs in life. A healthy person can face the challenges of life and can make a way to get rid of the difficulty encountered.

The real pleasure and charm of life lie in good health. Without good health, one can not enjoy the real charm of life. While an unhealthy person is deprived of enjoying life and always is in a state of worry due to illness. It means health is a blessing.

Good health reduces the level of stress and promotes activity. A healthy person is active and energetic to work effectively and productively.

They perform all routine work without any hindrance and suffering. Physical fitness helps to discharge duty diligently and regularly. While an unhealthy person hardly helps maintain his routine activities.


It is rightly said that to get rich never risk your health, for it is a truth that Health is the wealth of wealth. The first wealth is health. It is observed that many people lose and spend their health to gain wealth and then they spend their wealth to regain their health.

He who enjoys good health is rich, though he knows it is not. So one must not run behind the wealth, one must take care of one’s health. All other possessions are less than good health.

2.  Speech on Health is Wealth For Students

Today my topic of speech is health is wealth. First of all I would like to tell you all that Health is defined as the state of physically fit and fine.  When one feel free from all physical and mental disorders and is away from all ailments and diseases.

It is rightly said that Health is the greatest wealth because one can enjoy good life when he or she is healthy. Health is a boon and a precious jewel which can not be purchased by money. If it is lost it can be bought back by money.

One must take care of his or her health because it is health which enable us to have feeling of good life. The pleasures of life are bestowed to those who are healthy.

I personally believe to lead a good life it is not necessary to be wealthy because a person being rich and affluent can’t enjoy life if he is ill or sick. However it is necessary to be healthy because having good health one can enjoy life to its utmost.

It is the greatest blessing of life. There is no doubt health is superior to wealth. How it is superior, go and ask a wealthy bedridden person, who is deprived of good health.

He can not eat and drink the blessings of God freely and can not be overjoyed. While on the other hand one who possess good health can consume all food items and can be highly elated.

Wealth is only the pleasure of eyes while health is real and valuable one. Wealth is not substitute of everything in life but health is substitute of everything in life.

Let me give you an example, if wealth is a car then health is an engine to it. A car not run without engine likewise a wealthy person can not enjoy without good health.

I have seen thousands of poor who do not have bank balance nor have any bought luxury of life and don’t have enough money yet they smile happily, laugh happily and sleep soundly.

On the other hand those who possess plenty of money and everything available at their finger tips yet they are unable to sleep soundly.

Sound sleep is bestowed to those who are healthy. It is necessary to have good health. The wealth can be earned but if good health is lost it is earned back hardly.

How one can turn health in wealth and can enjoy a peaceful comfortable life, it is all by maintaining health.
Cleanliness and personal hygiene is the key to good health. To maintain proper health we one must live a disciplined life. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy a wise.

Eat balanced diet.  Eat timely food and exercise daily to maintain health. One must not overeat food. the excessive intake of energy foods cause obesity which is a big disorder of body.

Bodily exercise keep your body smart and fit while traveling, outing and being close to nature and natural objects you can keep you mind healthy. Both mental an physical health are necessary to enjoy life fully.

Health is happiness. One can get happiness by being healthy. Loss of health is the loss of happiness. If you want to live happy, maintain good health.

What is the use of money which we earn by sacrificing our health. Later when we become sick, we spend earned money to recover the health. Thus one must not run behind money which lasts for short time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What meaning of Health is Wealth?
The actual meaning of Health is wealth is the healthier you are, the wealthier you will be.
Why is health is wealth important?
The Biggest wealth of life is Health. Good health brings you happiness and joy in your life. more
Who said health is wealth?
Once Ralph Waldo Emerson said that “The first wealth is health”

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