My School Speech – Best Selected Speeches For Students

The School is an important pillar of a civilized society. Read here best selected speeches on my school topic for Ukg kids, primary, elementary and high school students. These speeches are short and long, simple, with best lines and quotes for students.

My School Speeches | Speeches on My School Topic with Quotes For Children & Students

The school is the heart of every child. Everyone loves his or her school to a greater extent. The following speeches reflect the love of a student for his school. That feelings of love and care for a school are expressed in  kind words with quotes and examples.

1. Speech on My School for High School Level Students

I feel very revered and honored to talk about my school. My dear fellows, our school where we are studying today has completed around 40 years of teaching.

In this long journey of 40 years, this school has created many bright, talented and extraordinary students. Who excelled in life and are serving the nation today.I am proud of my school.

All schools are good and better schools but my school where I am getting my education is the best school for me. Almost all the things are best in my school. My School has good teaching faculty, grand beautiful building, large playgrounds, library, science and computer labs. Our school also arranges the celebrations of events, annual national and international tours, etc.

The platform where I stand today is the platform of my school. I love my school because I find myself under the supervision of a very talented, kind and cooperative faculty of teachers. They have taught me a lot and are teaching me passionately.

My school is my family because here I have never found myself alone. All teachers try to their utmost to teach us well. Indeed a school is a place where children are raised up to the better future and groomed well enough to take the reigns of the country in future.

The foundation of a developed, civilized and prosperous nation is laid at these sacred places like the school. Here the  education is imparted and all leadership qualities are inculcated in students to lead the nation tomorrow.

The most important feature of my school is the faculty appointed for teaching. All teachers are competent, hardworking, talented, loving and very caring. They always encourage us. My school has beautiful multi-stored building. It consist of around thirty spacious classrooms with wide windows, two large staff rooms, five toilets and two large libraries.

Apart from that there is a very wide platform for assembly, a playground for kids to play and for sports activities. There are grounds and badminton and table tennis halls. Unlike many other schools my school offers co-education system where both boys and girls study together.

The most significant thing that I find in my school are two libraries that are full of books. Books related to all subjects including history, geography, science, literature, religion, computer, etc placed in order for further study. The world of books where students gather to find the pearls. Books are the treasures.

One of the most touching feature of my school is that the best teachers. They not only teach students but keep students active and agile in both curricular and non-curricular activities that benefits a lot. What makes my school different from rest of the schools is the science laboratories where we learn to discover new experiments in the filed of science.

On the whole my school is the temple of learning which I worship each day. Here I am not only taught in books but also my teachers teach me respect my elders and friends. They teach us how to be kind to others, to be patient, compassionate, honest, truthful, forgiving and to be a human.

2. My School Speech for 6,7 & 8th Class Students

Good Morning to all. Today I stand here to talk about my school. As you all know that school is the most sacred place where one learns and get his or her education. Education is the basic pillar of success.

All great doctors, engineers and scientists are the product of schools. Indeed school is highly pious place in everyone’s life. The luckiest people are those who get an opportunity to join any school because it is school where one is beautified with plenty of knowledge and is made able to excel in the long run of life.

The school where I study is next to temple to me because being at school I have learnt all good habits which make me a good human and the knowledge that is imparted in me from my teachers is the biggest treasure of my life. I study in the Cambridge school Delhi, it is one of the biggest and most beautiful school of the city.Our school provide co-education.

The three storied building of my school is multicolored, on its walls and front façade art paintings and touching natural scenes and national emblems are carved. All these paintings and pictures give a good look and attract the eyes of viewers. There are around 50 classrooms, two big halls for seminars and debate competitions, two spacious libraries and a wide staff room is present.

The teachers of my school are highly talented and experienced. They are very kind and loving, they never discriminate among students and provide friendly environment for learning. Some teachers are very strict and some are very polite and humble. The principal of our school is a decent man, he is the man of letters and possess a enthralling decorum.

In the libraries of my school different types of books are placed specially the literature and science books. In front of libraries there are large gardens where students can read books. Apart from it there are science laboratories where all types of equipment are present for the practical work.

There is a variety of flowers and plants in my school garden. Most importantly in my school there is a dispensary, near to it lies the principal’s office. Adjacent to lawns and gardens there are playgrounds for little kids. Last time we celebrated earth’s day at our school, on this occasion all staff including students planted trees in the premises of our school to make earth green and healthy.

Trees are the beauty of our school. Colorful flowers on plants add extra beauty to our school. During half time we enjoy taking lunch at the school canteen. All eatables are provided at subsidized rates in the canteen of our school.

3. Short Speech On My school for Class 2 & 3 Students

My dear class fellows as I stand here today to talk on our school that we all love excessively.  Yes! our The City school Main Campus, Bombay. As you all know that our school is our learning place . It is sacred place for us. Our school is well equipped in terms of facilities, as we have modern classrooms.

There are playgrounds, functioning libraries, gardens, good transportation, functional labs and highly qualified teaching faculty. The most important thing of our school are the teachers who are very friendly, loving and compassionate.  There are also some strict teachers who maintain the law and order and discipline in the school.

My dear fellows as we all know that education is the bedrock of an individual, society and a nation. The quality education is the need of time. Our school is one of the best schools that provide quality education and produce stars for the stability and prosperity of the nation.

In our Alma mater there are experienced and talented teachers who provide quality education. Our school provides us inventive and advanced education.

There are plants in school that provide us fresh air, gardens and greenery to keep our school pollution-free. The atmosphere of our school is very delightful and pleasant. Large grounds for sports are the characteristics of our school.

We are all a family at our school.  Here we all celebrate national events together with great zeal and zest. We make speech and debate competitions, quiz competitions. Apart from that we also participate in curricular and extracurricular activities of the school.

In our sports period, we play different games like cricket, hockey, football, badminton, etc. In fact, our school pays more emphasis on sports of the children for their fitness and good health. My school is my pride and I feel happy being studying here. I wish every student may get an education in the school like ours.

4. My School Speech For Kids, KG Class 1 Students

My dear fellows and respected teachers good morning. Today my topic of speech is my school. At first I would like to tell you that school is the pious place, it is a place where one learns and is taught by the teachers.

Our school is the best school I have ever been to, we all come here in same uniform and are treated equally. I feel highly secure entering in our school. I find peace and love at school.

All teachers are very co-operative and dedicated, they teach us well and inculcate good habits in us. The teaching faculty of our school is not next to any school, they are very hardworking and sincere to their profession.

I study in KG, a year before at the first day of my school I was frightened and a little confused but today I feel confident and bold. I found good classmates, good environment and good teachers here who emboldened me and made me confident. Specially the teachers of my school are very encouraging and kind.

All classrooms, libraries, gardens, playgrounds and washrooms of our school are always neat and tidy. The administration of our school is very good because they provide best learning environment to us. I love my school and feel proud of my school.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is school simple words?

As I added above that school is a place where we come for learn education

How do you write a school speech?

  1. Pick short paragraphs about My School Speech
  2. Use words that the Audience can understand.
  3. Write down some stories and messages.
  4. Make the gripping start of your speech.
  5. Move to different ideas naturally
  6. Don’t mix up things.
  7. Make a beautiful ending
Why do I love my school?
We do lot of fun activities at our school. And our teachers are so kind, our school environment is so healthy therefore, I love my school.
Why my school is better than others?

My school is better than others because it has smaller classes.
Smaller classes means that my school’s teachers can give students more individual attention. This allows the teachers to point out and explain each student’s mistakes in detail, allowing them to fix their problems quickly.

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